Msn explorer crashing [Solved/Closed]

Hello, can any1 help me out,for the past few months my msn explorer closes when I go on some sites,it comes up windows needs to close send error report.

2day its doing it everytime I go onto another site then back 2 my msn homepage

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A recent update to MSN's home page requires the latest Flash Player, older Flash Player version 6.0 versions will crash windows explorer while attempting to load the page. Go to and download and install the latest flash player 9.0 to resolve this issue.

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I had the same exact thing happen to me today. I tried updating to the latest Flash player. It said it successfully installed but it didn't help. Every time I leave the MSN home page and go back to it (either by hitting the back button or going via the link in favorites), the browser crashes and restarts. Pretty annoying.
i did that about 3 weeks ago so I dont think its to do with flash player
Go to and get a scan to determine what
to fix.