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hello sir, I work in a office where I have to make a LAN connection within 15 machines by using broadband connection. please guide me step by step procedure for creating the LAN connection. the office has provided me one switch having 10 ports. And the operating system inthe machines are windows XP and windows Vista. So please tell me the step by step procedure for making the LAN connection.

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instead of the switch...if u wud have been provided a router that wud have been more better. switch can even work but you need one extra LAN card in one Computer and that Computer will be called as server.

1. take the computer for which you are making server, insert the second LAN in that computer.
2. connect your internet connection into the first LAN (inbuilt) on that computer.
3. enter the IP address which you got from your ISP and check whether you can able to use internet on that system.
4. Now make sure that the second LAN is detected and is showing Unplugged.
5. open properties of the first LAN (inbuilt LAN) and then go to "Advanced" option which is available on the top, then check both the boxes and say ok. and close everything.
6. now take an Internet cable which is crimped on both the sides with same colors of wires.
7.connect one end to the second LAN and the other end to the switch.
8. Now open your second LAN properties and go to the TCP/IP properties and there enter IP address as ( or anything you wish Subnet Mask ( and the gateway as (
9. Now open click on the switch and you will get a notification on your server saying that "Local Area Connection 2" is connected.
10. Now take an another Internet cable and one end of that cable should be in any one port of the Switch and the other should be in the second computer.
11. Now you will get a notification that you are connected to internet, open the LAN properties and enter the IP address as ( subnet mask and gateway should be same as server. say ok
12. You will now be able to browse Internet on that particular system now.
13. do the same with the rest of the systems.

and one more thing should be kept in mind that is you wont be able to browse internet Unless or Until your Server Pc is turned ON.
Thank you

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Thank u so much sir...nw.i can start my career by the help of u.....thnx again
first u have to buy LAN ware, a router or a broad band modem, a switch and rj 45 connectors. if you r creating a lan without using a LAn card then the connection chart will be as follows :
how to connect rj45 with a lan cable :
1. buy a crimpling tool
2. Cut the cable as ur need.
3. cut the cover.
4. then cut the wares equally using the tool
5 . color combi nation for the cable :
1. deep brown 2. white deep brown 3. blue 4. white blue 5. green 6. white green 7. light brown 8. white light brown.
6. now insert it in the rj 45 connector.
7. use crimpling tool to crimp it
8. now do the same procedure with another end and other cables.
How to configure PC for internet connection:
1. Go to my network places
2. click on create a new connection
3. next --> next ---> set up my connection manually ----> next ----> using user name ---> connect broad band ---> next ----> give an isp name ( ur operator will provide it) ----> give user name and pass word ( ur operator will provide it) ---> next ----> finish.

how to configure server computer :1. connect phone cable in the modem.
2. if u have type 2 adsl modem, connect ur server pc in one of the ports.
3. go to 'my network' option.
4. right click on it.
5. go to 'property'
6. select local area network
7. right click on it
8. property
9. select 'general'
10. go to ' internet protocal'
11. select it
12. click on 'property' bottom in ur right side.
13. click on 'use the following ip adress'
14. ip adress :
sunet musk :
difault gate way : blank
15. select : 'use the folowing dns adresses'
keep all of it blank .
16. click on 'ok'
How to configure client computers :
3. go to 'my network' option.
4. right click on it.
5. go to 'property'
6. select local area network
7. right click on it
8. property
9. select 'general'
10. go to ' internet protocal'
11. select it
12. click on 'property' bottom in ur right side.
13. click on 'use the following ip adress'
14. ip adress : ( u can use 2 to 254 in the last section)
sunet musk :
difault gate way :
15. select : 'use the folowing dns adresses'
Prefered dns server :
Alternative DNS server : Blank
16. click on 'ok'
Repeat the same procedure with other client computers.
How to connect a switch ;
connect a cable from router with server pc ----> conncect another cable from the routher to ur Switch ----> connect other cables from switch to client computers.
How to Share internet :
after connceting cables with computers, do as follows:
1. Go to My network places
2.Single Click on the Internet Connection ( Having ur given ISP name )
3. right click
4. property
5. Click on "advanced" option
6. Click on the check box "allow other network................. "
now ur networking is complete to use. Connect power to Router Modem, switch, and computers.............. enjoy.
from Rajib sadhu
asansol, w.b. india.
hello sir.

please can u teach me how to install xp sp2 as server and and how to restrict user and at startup Show press Alt+Ctrl+Del to Logon please guide me.

thanx lot

thanks I liked it it really helped me
hellos joys

i can understand that you have all the resources to get down to business that simple,if you have switch I think you know how to Put the wires in order I think you have 10 cables because you said you have 10 computers as well and I am pretty sure that you have RJ- 45 connectors and 10 network interface cards.RJ- 45 connectors must be 20 of them so that you can join them both side of each an every cable

first step Put the wires in this order starting from the left(put them on RJ-45 connector and when you finish use
a crimper to crimp a a connector )

o white orange
o orange
o white green
o blue
o white blue
o green
o white brown
o brown

second step

connect a cable starting from each of every computer's network card straight to the switch

third step

on xp click on start-double click on control panel- choose network places-double click on network
connection-on network places box-double click it-double TC/IP Protocol-enter IP Address from computer one
for exple to the last one am not sure about the zeros just fill the space and put number at
the end
i read these steps and know how to configure a lan, kindly tell me about ip configure in lan
are you sure about the color combination?
is it
- white orange
- orange
- white green
- blue
- white blue
- green
- white brown
- brown

what I am asking is, is right about the blue and green cable?
because I am also confuse about it, that's why I couldn't connect the computer LAN.
I appreciated for your help Sir,
> Prima
ya it's correct combination.. it's for only stright over connection.. which means for different kind of devices....
when we attach pc with hub or seitch then ,why do n't we use t\following coding greenwhite green......................................