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This is a problem I've had for going on a year now. You can ignore the babblings (I'm very sorry) as I am just trying to be as thorough as possible so that someone that might have a suggestion knows exactly what's up. I had my sister's laptop (Toshiba Sat) over for a while doing some work on it last fall/winter with it sitting on my bed. My 4-5 week old house-raised little pup decided to crawl on the keyboard while my attention was somewhere else and urinated around and on the keyboard. The dog had already stepped on multiple keys that had the keyboard lagging input for hours (I opened wordpad to let it sort itself out). I took maybe around 10% of the keys off to clean it out, but the problem wasn't the urine at least. It could have possibly been the taking off the keys, but I kind of doubt that as I was very careful.

I am not sure if it happened immediately or after the restart but the problem is the Ctrl key seems to be stuck somewhat/non-working, making most all other keys non-functional as well. The number/letter keys are all non-functional. The keys that work are things like Fn, Alt, Enter, and Esc. No characters. The puzzling part is the short-time solution to this was found instantly. I opened the On-Screen Keyboard (Accessibility) and immediately found out that clicking the Ctrl key on the On-Screen Keyboard twice(on and off) allows me to use the keyboard as normal except that the Ctrl key doesn't work. There is no right Ctrl key on this Toshiba. Oddly enough, Ctrl+Alt+Del still works, albeit even when you only hit Alt+Del without Ctrl. The only way I can use the Ctrl function is to open the On-Screen Keyboard and hit Ctrl from there.

there's a picture and info about my keyboard here:

I have tried and searched just about everything to fix this problem, including combinations like ctrl+shift, etc, and since then my sister has screwed the whole system up again with memory viruses, so I am attempting to do a quick system restore/format using the Toshiba restore disk rather than have to work all week figuring out why the registry won't allow me to complete the last virus removal. The PROBLEM is the keyboard issue is the same at the boot menu for the Toshiba Restore and I have to press numbers 1-4 to go forward. I can press enter but the first option (1) isn't what I need, and a number must be pressed and not an arrow. Toshiba has a Numeric Mode (see URL above) for a secondary NumPad by hitting Fn+F11, but that combination doesn't work unless I start up Windows and unlock the Ctrl key as stated above. Coincidentally, the Fn+F10 works fine but that has nothing to do with entering in characters from the keyboard. StickyKeys, etc was mostly ruled out immediately, and everything obvious and not so obvious has been tired out. I got the common error a few times every once in a while telling me that my NTOSKRNL.EXE was corrupt, but that has since stopped happening for 6 months at least. Sorry this was so long but I didn't really know how else to explain it. I don't want to buy a USB keyboard yet for it. Is this similar to anything else anyone has encountered, and does anyone have any possible solutions? I'd be more than willing to Paypal someone a bit of money if they were able to suggest a working solution. Thanks a lot.

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The alphabet keys on my hp 6375 laptop is not working, i need to know how to resolve this.
I was wondering if you ever found a solution to your problem. I am having nearly the same issue except for the fact that my whole keyboard got spilled on (beer). I plugged in a USB keyboard for about a day and it worked until this morning. I'm thinking maybe the beer DID get to the keyboard controller because the on-screen keyboard does nothing for me. It's like the CTRL (and maybe a couple other keys) are permanently pressed.
drunk girl.
the alcohol cant damage your keyboard but the other components of the beer may.
you should cleanit or disasable the keyboard from the windows device manager, so you can use the usb one
You need a new keyboard for the laptop - even a USB keyboard might not work for a reload since USB drivers are not loaded during the initial XP load. I have had problems trying to use a USB mouse during XP load. Some laptops have a standard PS2 keyboard plug, that would be a better option.
suppose my laptop keyboard is not functioning, other than a few keys, this problem won't allow me to login to my username and password to open windows. will plugging a usb keyboard into the laptop before startup function as an alternate keyboard, so i can at least login to windows?
I just had this problem. You need to remove the keyboard (unplug it) because if there are shorts in the keyboard, the USB keyboard will not function correctly.

I was unable to clean my keyboard to get it fully funcitonal and just paid $75 including shipment for an exact replacement. If you need more detail email me info@legaleasegroup.com

I posted info on a sony customer forum, but I am having trouble finding that forum right now.
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Here is the link with details about cleaning the keyboard and finding a replacement, if necessary.

well i have had this problem for about a half hour now, and I just shook my keyboard back and forth while holding it upside down in an anger-educed rage :D and whaddya know! it works! don't know if this is a permanent fix, or if it will help anyone else, but hey, it worked for me-

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i have the same issue and in such case i just use to hit control hardly 3-4 times and it solved the issue if not then alt and shif too.

bear with toshiba my friend :(