Dell laptop fell now have black screen

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HI, my son dropped his dell laptop inspirion 1526, now have black screen .took laptop to geek squad advised cud be screen or motherboard how can I check ts prob. any help wud be greatly apprec. as I unemployed n cannot afford to get him a new one for college.Wud love to try n fix ts one myself have no choice.thank you in advance.

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Same issue, screen black with no image at all. Check my ram and they were jarred loose, popped them back in and it works fine!!! Ez fix
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How did you do this?
Hi. I hope you see this. Same thing happened to me- try removing battery, and removing the hard drive on the right side of the laptop, the small black thing right by the arrow keys-pull it out and reinsert it. Play around with those and I hope it will work for you.

Dear Sir,

Please consider checking whether the problem is not coming from the power supplying unit, the motherboard or its RAM stick and indicate for further help.

Thanks in advance.
dear ash_perez01,I am a novice at this ,is there a web site to show me how to check power suppling unit the motherboard,and the RAM stick?thank you so much for ur quick response.