Can't exit Power saving mode

 adam -
Hi, I've just got myself a brandnew Dell desktop XPS420 with Vista on it. Everything seemed to work fine, but my computer enters Power saving mode at completely random times while im actually on the PC.
For example: I'm writing a document then suddenly my screen goes blank and it says "Entering Power saving mode" after which the green Power-light on the monitor changes orange-ish. When I try to wake it up again, by either pressing keys on the keyboard or move the mouse, nothing happens. Pressing any power-button (or monitor button) doesn't help either and the only thing I can do is hold the Power-button to shut my computer down and reboot it. This happens alot, no matter what I'm doing and I don't know how to solve it.

I've changed all of the Power save mode-settings into 'off', also in BIOS. This didn't help. All Windows updates are installed and running and I didn't install any other programs yet whatsoever.

Can someone explain how I prevent my computer entering Power saving mode? And how I exit that mode, since that doesn't work either.

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Worked for me! I was having the same problems, cleaned all the dust and reseated the memory, memory battery and graphics cards. Thanks!!!
How to define when your system Sleeps (Don't use Hibernate):

For Windows 7:

1) Start > Control Panel > System and Security

2) go to Power Options (fifth from the top)

3) Select the "Balanced" power plan.

4) Then, go to "Define Power buttons and turn on password protection."

(Note that "Require a password when the computer wakes" and "Change what the power buttons do"

both take you to the SAME option screen!)

5) For "When I press the sleep button", set both on battery and plugged in to "sleep."

For me, this setting allows me to press the Power Button in order to wake from sleep. And yes,
there have been 'wake up' issues on this laptop.
I have an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC laptop running Windows 7 - 64 bit.

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For Windows VISTA

1) Start > Settings > Control Panel

2) go to Power Options (with the green battery icon)

3) I use the "HP Recommended" (another HP Laptop!)

4) Then, go to "Define Power buttons and turn on password protection."

5) I have five of the six options all set to 'Sleep.'

So it looks like this:
on Battery Plugged In

When I press the Power Button: Sleep Sleep

When I press the sleep Button: Sleep Sleep

When I close the lid: Sleep Do Nothing

Regarding the last entry in "When I close the lid", I have an external monitor, so I like to
close the laptop's lid and view the external monitor.

I DON'T USE the 'Hibernate' option at all on either of my laptops!

My Windows Vista system always comes out of 'sleep' when I gently press the power button.

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Hope this helps,

didnt work.
This was not the question asked
check the wire that connects from the monitor and the PC tower... it may be loose
thats cool if you can turn your computer on... how to you FIX it when its already in power save mode and wont come back up...
Thank everyone for your suggestions, I had the same issue with a Dell Inspiron 530. You would turn on the computer but it would beep once and the monitor would automatically display the "power save mode" press any key to wake the computer.
  • 1) Tested the CMOS battery with another > Failed
  • 2)Cleaned the computer to free from dust > failed
  • 3) replaced the Power supply > failed 4)
  • I removed the RAM and tried the other slots on the board> failed
  • 5) Noticed an Onboard VGA video connection that was covered up> BINGO! I got video again.

I hope this helps someone ! Again , thank all that have made any suggestions , I was stummped and could not have done it with out your advice.

computer turns on in power save mode
>power drain did not work
>reseated the cmos battery did not work
>dosent go to BIOS nor to hp invent screen
>it boots up to power save mode
>its an HP computer

what to do in this case can some one help ? what might be the issue ?
Had the same problem with two of my Dell monitor. It is definetely the problem of the monitor - not the PC, as I tried to connect the same problematic monitor to different PCs and the problem remained.

The following action helped to get one of the monitors working (perhaps it will help another one two, but I haven't tried yet:

1. Turn of both monitor and PC (laptop in my case)
2. Unplug the VGA wire from PC
3. Turn on the monitor
4. Plug the wire back to PC
5. Turn on the PC and wait until Windows it is fully loaded

After this procedure my Dell screen entered the Power Saving Mode 3 times, and on the 4th time it remained working fine (with blue indicator and fully functional).

I hope this will help you guys.
For me this problem was getting me ready to throw the damn thing in the LAKE!

But, then I undid the powercord to the back of the monitor...waited 3 minutes and the baby ran back to momma! FACTORY PRESETS were resumed and all is well again.
There is no logical reason why dust would cause this problem. If it's being fixed by you disassembling and reassembling your PC, you're inadvertently fixing your problem in that process. It could be that disconnecting the power helped turn off the power save function. Maybe you reset the BIOS in the process. Maybe you firmly reconnected the video cable.

Disabling the power saving functions in the Control Panel seems the most logical solution to this problem. It's most likely a Windows issue, not a hardware issue. Microsoft is usually the culprit behind stupid problems of this nature.
There is a logical reason that it would be fixed by blowing out the dust in your computers. The CPU will cause the computer to shutdown when it overheats. It could overheat because the dust is clogging the various fans in the tower. Well, I guess whatever works
Nerd, you are wrong. Dust does not cause this issue. If there is an overheat problem then that is completely different and not related to monitors coming back on after sleep.
My monitor that comes with my Dell Dimension E521 was permanently on power save, even though I'd turned the computer off and on several times. The light kept going to amber although it would green for a second right after I pushed the monitor button. What helped was when dusted the nook in the PC - I think the place where the fan is. It's in the front of the box, not the back. I just used a piece of cloth and wiped off a lot of black dust that must've been accumulating. This was done when the computer was powered off. When I turned it on again, the monitor came on. Phew!
You may have experienced a POWER SURGE or CRASH on your computer. TRY unplugging the powercord to the back of your monitor...wait 3 minutes then replug it in and your DELL may return to FACTORY PRESETS. This problem was driving me crazy until I did this today..and now all is back on track.

I was rebooting microsoft software....drivers to the dell monitor...and nothing worked!

I thought that is was dust inside the such deal!

So many are complaining about this problem and because it is crashing doing whatever they do....movies, games...they ASSUME it is because of what they are working had a power surge...or crash....and you need to undo the powercord to your monitor to get it back to FACTORY SPECS. GOOD LUCK...
change battery in your cpu
in dell this is a problem
I just had the same problem and it seemed to come out of nowhere...but actually there had been a crash. My screen would go BLACK after being on for just a few minutes or when downloading a file.

I saw on this board that someone had solved their problem with a DELL monitor by UNPLUGGING the power cord that connects to the back of the the monitor...waiting a few remove any residual electricity and then plugging it back in...and VOILA>..I have been good to go all day!

Some say it is dust....but what I think what it is related to is a crash....that sends the monitor into AUTO SAVE....etc...mode..and when you unplug the power source to it...the DELL seems to find its way back to momma...and resets with FACTORY PRESETS...getting you back on track. TRY has worked for me and I was at my wits end. GOOD LUCK!
Guys I had the same problem that you have what I did was powered everything down unplug all connections opened it up cleaned it then took put my video card out and plugged monitor back in default port on pc once it reset reinstalled video card everything is fine once again hope this helps
This happens to me a bit. All you have to do is detach the cord connecting to the monitor and put it back in...voila!!
I posted earlier about the same problem. In the end I systematically tested all the parts on my PC by swapping components between my PC and another working PC. I even used different CPU's, the problem turned out to be a faulty motherboard.
My computer was doing this too, but it kept going directly into power save mode when I turned it on (same as a few other people here). After cleaning out the dust inside, it still didn't work, so I finally caved and brought it to a computer guy.

What he found was that the video-card was over-heating and corrupted windows. He replaced the video-card and reinstalled windows. Problem solved, and relatively inexpensively! ($150 for parts and labour) And I didn't lose anything I'd been working on. :)
took out battery, worked
I was able to fix my issue by replacing the DVI cord
Mike, I want to say thanks as well. Had the monitor stuck in power save mode. Didn't even think to change the battery. Did so, and it's like new.


Mike aka distyblues
I had the same issue. I was watching a HD video and then everything froze. I booted up and then my monitor was stuck in "Entering Power Safe Mode". Last year, it did this I just replaced my monitor cord with a DVI to VGA cord and it was back to normal. I did that this time and no good. I replaced the monitor battery, power cords (for both monitor and cpu), cleaned the inside of the desktop, uninstalled the graphic card and re-installed it, but no good. I finally took it to Best Buy and they found out it was a fried graphic card. They didn't charge me for their test and all I had to do was buy the $80 graphic card and install it. EASY fix. But that was my problem. DANG GRAPHIC CARD
I had the same problem. When I would play a certain game the power saver mode would kick on. By looking at the power supply connectors I seen that I had hooked the wrong connector into the GPU. After changing the connectors my Monitor runs perfect. Hope this helps cause it helped me.