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I just moved back to Vail from TX. While listening to to spa music on my Acer, the computer just went black screen on me. I never removed the charger so the light is blue but I don't see or hear anything from my Acer.

Please help!
System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 7.0

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Thank you for the clarification.

During the times of unplugging, did you take the battery out after you unplugged it? Then hold the power button down for 60 seconds. You may want to take your power cord, after you have unplugged it, and if it will come apart in two parts, go ahead and separate those two cables while you hold down the power button. Then put it all back together. Let us know!
Thank you

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Press and hold the power button, until it turns off. Try to turn it back on. Once again, the music has no bearing unless you were in the spa (water, physical damage)!

Tried turning it off and pressing it for 30 seconds as the tech support rep said to do, then he said try F9, F12. Talked to another tech and he said unplug the laptop, press for 60 sec, wait and turn it back on, nothing. My screen is still black. I was told now to send the laptop in for a repair! Urgh!! When I plug the cord in, the blue light pops up. When I unplug it, an orange light pops up. The screen is still black.
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