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Does anyone know what the single quotation mark ' means when entered at the beginning of a cell.

I notice that the quitation mark does not atually appear in the cell. In other words it appears in the formula bar when entered but disappears from the cell once you press enter.

i wanna to get rid of that. I need single quote at the beginning

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that means the value being enter is text
like if you want to write 001 in a cell, generally excel would convert it to 1 but if you write it as '001 it will stay as 001

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To get RID of the leading (hidden) sinlge-quote, paste into Notepad, then paste back into Excel but this time "Paste Values" (right-click, Paste, choose the "123" paste option for Values). Works like a charm.
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A single quote in excel is used to maintain formatting of the data enterd in the field. Or better yet, to ignore formatting and read it as text.

For example, if you want to enter ( = $5.00 ), excel will assume you are trying to enter a formula and will return an error. If you wish to display the data as it appears above you must enter a ( ' ) at the begining.

'= $5.00

when you hit enter, the (') will disappear, displaying only the text after the apostrophe

= $5.00

Hope I didn't make that too complicated.
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Type in an additional inverted comma in the beginning. One will be hidden and the additional will be visible.

For example, if you want to type in '500 in your cell, type ''500. Excel will take off one inverted comma and you will see '500 in your cell.

Hope it helps.
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So how do you get rid of that annoying disappearing single quote? Disable 'smart quotes'? I can't find it in excel 2007.
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if it is in front of a number, you can use text-to-column feature to make it a number
To remove leading apostrophes (') try:

On the Tools menu, click Options. On the Transition tab, clear the Transition navigation keys check box. Note You can hide only codes that have been implicitly added, such as formatting codes. You cannot hide codes that have been explicitly added.
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Just type two single quotes.