IDE cabel hard not detect

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 ricky - Aug 25, 2010 at 03:17 PM
Hello,ii hv sata and ide cable hard.but ide cable hard not detect. some time I boot the computer it not work..some time not boot the machine.when I try to slave it not overcome this problem?? please help me..if any one know the good solution for that reply me ..thanks..

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Oct 14, 2008 at 12:11 AM
If your BIOS can't see the IDE hard drive then it's not Connected or it's not powered up.

Just because you have a SATA drive does not mean that your IDE drive must be "slave" The slave/master thing only applies to two devices on one IDE cable.

So you have two IDE cables one attached to the DVD and one attached to IDE hard drive. In this case it doesn't matter what the jumpers are set to. It should work in all cases.

So what's wrong?

a list of things that COULD be wrong:

bad IDE cable to IDE hard drive
bad power cable to IDE hard drive
bad IDE hard drive
bad secondary IDE drive socket and/or motherboard circuit
BIOS setting disabling the secondary IDE controller

things you could do:

Test the hard drive in the primary IDE controller
use a different power connector to the hard drive
use a different hard drive (if you have one)
check BIOS settings
How do u work around this on a laptop the bios setting are already preset by the manufacturers and the cables can't be rest, I use a HP presario with an amd processor but when I boot into the mac install environment and open the disk utility it does not see my hard drive or the IDE controller