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my desktop computer will not power up. I am not sure what to do. I took it to best buy and the technician opened the case and checked the power supply and it checked out fine. he powered it up and it was fine. I asked them to do a diagnostic test and left it with them. after a week I stopped by to pick up the pc. however, when I went to pick it up they said they were unable to complete the test because it would not would not power up. the technician (who helped me the last time) was able to power it up on the spot and was not clear why the other technician was unable to start it. he gave me my money back on the diagnostic test and told me to take it home b/c it was fine and should work. he suggested that I back it up and re-format the harddrive to avoid future issues. well, when I got home, it did not work. I still can not power up the pc. when I press the power button, absolutely nothing happens (i.e., no fan, no power, nothing). can you please help me?

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well first take out your RAM and clean the golden strips with a soft cloth or rub gentely with eraser
also check your power button to see if it is working or not or simply replace it with reset button ( just exchange the reset and power button wires ) happened to me once my power button was faulty and I thought my motherboard was gone ...
dont always trust the pc technicians they my jusy try to loot u
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I had the same thing happen to me! Turned out it was bad RAM in my PC. Once I bought new RAM and added it to the computer, turned on just fine! My computer would not boot up at home yet when I had a friend look at it , turned on weird it happened that way 0-o But now I know be sure to always make a backup of all your files in case anything else bad happens, and it end up being ur hard drive. Check your RAM! :)
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okay. there is a good chance your motherboard might be dead. Turn off and unplug the power supply. Take out the big plug going to the motherboard. its the 20/24 pin depending on your computer. Right beyond the connector look for the ONLY green wire that's surrounded by 2 black wires on the power supply. Make sure the power supply is unplugged. Take a paper clip, you may have to cut it to size, and stick one end into the green wire pin, and one in either of the black wire pins that are on the left and right of the green wire. plug the power supply back in but don't let the paper clip lean on anything. if the power supply comes on, its not the problem. This works on any power supply. Try it with both the ones you have. Also the problem could be the switch going to your motherboard from your computer power button. make sure it's properly plugged in. it could be the power button if your power supply is working. Or worse off your motherboard could be dead. Next, if you still have the problem, hook the power supply back up to the motherboard and plug the computer in. unhook where the power button connects to the motherboard. you will see a couple pins, where the plug should be. take a philips screw drive with a plastic handle...or one with a handle that doesn't conduct electricity. Touch the pins together with the screw driver, by touching 2 of the pins together the computer should start if everything is hooked up right. It varies for each make of computer of which 2 pins will start it by making the connection. Most motherboards should have a green light that comes on when they are getting power, even when the computer is turned off. Also try plugging it into a different power receptacle if you haven't tried that yet. Oh and there are no fuses you can acess. I hope I helped, ive been in the same situation before. Heres the link on testing a power supply:
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try switching the power and reset button wires on the motherboard... that's what I did as a test out of curiosity and now my computer powers however my reset button doesn't work... hope it helps like it did in my case.
or try pluging the botton in the right slot its next to the rest of the power bottons it in small lettering on hte mouther board where it goes k
check u r power connections inside & outside connections
i would just disconnect every cable from inside and then put them all back and after that I would try it