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 Annie - Feb 6, 2010 at 03:00 AM
Hello to everybody;

I have a laptop with windows XP Pro and have been trying that my desktop PC with Vista Home can see it.
MY Components:
-Desktop PC with Vista Home (Main PC, connected to Internet with Ethernet to a Linksys Wireless Router B and G).
-Get internet thru cable TV (broadband),from this cable modem plugs to router and from router to PC Vista(desktop)
-Linksys Wireless G/B Router
-G-Card for my Laptop Windows XP Pro and
-Playstation 3 capable of sharing info and use printer

At the moment all of them have internet w different IP's (,,etc.). What I want to achieve is that I can use the Printer that is connected via USB to my PC Vista (desktop) and share files. Right now the only thing been able to do is that my PC Vista see my Laptop but Can't find my PC on my laptop. Anybody, Help?
-When I turn On my media sharing in my PS3, my internet on Laptop loses it while PS3 search and find,then, because laptop lost wireless,the PS3 looses the laptop and I get wireless back. I knowis a stupid setting but tired of workin back n forth. Thanks

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If you have solved your problem by following the suggestions from Scott Brad UK etc. or if you are not using Norton Internet Security, ignore my message. Otherwise, read the following that I just learned from a tip on and verified to be the solution for my networking problem similar to yours. On the Vista computer, go to Network and Sharing Center and set Network Discovery to "ON" so it will at least show all network computers despite no access. Open Norton and go to the Network Security Map. Do setup for "Remote Monitoring" and check the "Trust Level" of the other computer to see if it has been set to the default "Protected". If so, change it to "Full Trust". That should solve the inaccessibility problem without disabling the Norton firewall. Do the same on the XP computer ("Shared" to "Full Trust"). Follow typical procedures for file sharing and printer sharing. You might have to install an XP version of the printer driver on the XP laptop for the network printer probably already having a Vista driver installed on the Vista desktop in order to print the XP file through the Vista network printer. If it were something other than Norton, you might want to re-examine its firewall setup. Hope this helps.
You are a star!

Went through everything i could think off never even looked at Norton.

3 hours of pain sorted in 30 seconds.

Many thanks
Thanks Dragonrider!!!!!
I have a PC running Vista, and Lap top running XP and Norton protecting these on the network.
Could not get the PS3 to work on the wireless network and tried apsolutley everything - this fixed it immediately.
Thanks very much again!!!!!!!!
scott brad uk
Oct 25, 2008 at 10:35 PM
Forgot to tell you that the ip address are no ip's they are the computers on your network first might be you pc and number 2 may be you laptop which ever got on the net first. The pc3 will be number three if you use a wireless router for it to get on the internet.
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Nov 13, 2008 at 11:44 AM
its verry eassy.crossoverr ethernet cable is the low cost method.very detailed explanation is given here.
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Apr 13, 2009 at 05:40 PM
Hey all

Just had/solved this problem for PCs (2 vista laptops and 1 XP tower) am yet to try to connect the PS3 so I'll update you on that...

first step, disconnect the broadband from the router (for your safety)

then, make sure all the computers are in the same workgroup (plenty of literature on the net for this... get this before you disconnect the internet ;P)

restart the machines

next step... make sure all machines are on and turn off the firewalls on each of them.

on the vista machines, turn on network discovery and file sharing etc in the network and sharing centre window.

on the xp machine, this is default on I believe.

On one machine (Vista) open 'manage network connections' from the network and sharing centre', right click on wireless -> properties, under the networking tab go to the properties of 'client for microsoft networks' and change the Name service provider to microsoft locator (This should already be the case on the XP machine aswell but best check).

If you open the network window (workgroup computers in xp) you should be able to see the machines. I think that XP needs SP2 or more to communicate with vista but hopefully I'm wrong.

try the old restart of the machines trick again if it's not working, then when it is turn on all the firewalls again, obviously if it asks something needs access to a computer it's on your network, ie another machine (it is wise to be 100% sure of no viruses on you machines) so allow, once all that is done connect the internet and it should work. woohoo
hi guys, hope someone can help me with my problem. I have a laptop and desktop both XP. my desktop can see my laptop, but the laptop can't see my desktop. they are both connected to my wireless router. my only problem is that, I can't change the workgroup on my laptop. changing workgroup name is disabled. my desktop, I can change it without any problem. I'm hoping someone can help me here.. many thanks to all.!
scott brad uk
Oct 25, 2008 at 10:28 PM
Hi first you have to change to a work group . Type in google change work group and you sould be ok.

Then if you are using a router with a firewall then turn off (windows firewall or any other firewalls on your pc's ) you will then see both pc & laptop and printer this is the most common thing.

With ref to ps3 you need to open window media player in sharing tick the box move all your movies and music files in to your ( public folders ) on your computer as it can only see them and stream them to your ps3.

If you right click a file you will see share tick this and it,s shared whith anyone on you network and your other computer.

Just be aware that when you restart your computers the firewall will come back on in some programs such as norton 360 2.0 or lower so you need to turn it back off.

Hope this has helped.
Hello My name is Mike and I just set up a system with Vista for a friend and and a new printer. i also set up his router for the Wifi. That all works well with his Sony laptop with XP. I have tried to get his laptop to be able to use his printer and I am lost. I set up the MSHOME for his desktop and the and the laplop aready has the same. What can I do to have his laptop with XP operate his printer with his desktop with vista. I am lost.

Most appreciated
jojo > popymoose
Feb 13, 2009 at 08:42 AM
i have the same problem!! I have a xp vista on a laptop and xp 2000 on the desktop...i want to connect them using a wireless router. how can i do it? Please explain it briefly...thank you
popymoose > jojo
Feb 13, 2009 at 08:55 AM
My problem still is not solved yet. The desktop is Vista and the laptop is XP. I cant get the laptop to print from the printer which is connected to the desktop.
Master613 > popymoose
Sep 20, 2009 at 09:10 PM
I just fixed this problem on my sister-in-law's computer. Apparently, you have to disable the Local Area Connection thing... (if it's on)... I think it hordes the spotlight and prevents a wireless connection to the computer to be made... instead, it looks for a wired route...

Hope this helps, guys.

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I found that I had to disable Norton firewall on both my Vista laptop and Vista desktop, but leave on Windows firewall on each, in order for them to see each other and for my laptop to access my deskjet, which is hosted by my desktop. Having both Norton and Windows on prevented reconnecting. Even having Norton's on but Windows' off didn't work.