Cd ROM Icon not showing in windows [Solved/Closed]

 Lisa -
I am using windows XP sevice pack 2.Now whts happening cd rom icon is not showing in windows.I checked tht IDE cable, power cable & cdrom is working properly.When I boot system with windows XP cd its boot with cd, now clear cd rom is ok. but when I login in windows cdrom icon is not showing.

Plese Give me solution. I wiil be highly obliged to you

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ok here's an answer that will help you (or anyone else withthe issue) out.


There ya go.

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THanks so much for the link... fixed my problem :) Can't thank you enough!!

In most cases the problem lies with OS it might happen that the operating system it is corrupt,remember it doesn't mean that when a OS is corrupt you can't log on in to windows, sometimes you can log on into windows while your OS is corrupt it depend how fear is corrupted, so try to backup your data and reinstall OS or find another hard drive that has OS and see weather the problem will remain the same