Connected but not connecting

Bearson - Oct 21, 2008 at 01:26 PM
 Jo - Oct 21, 2008 at 03:35 PM

Ok here's whats up. My desktop computer cannot connect to a web browser BUT IT CAN connect to online games like world of warcraft with extremely high latency. My computer is the only one in my apartment that has this problem. My two other roomates connect fine, even the xbox connects fine with no lag issues. Although for some reason my desktop computer is dysfunctional. Of course I check all my network settings, and it tells me everything is working fine. I checked to make sure my ip and dns are being acquired automatically. They are. I tried resetting the modem and router several times but that didn't work. I haven't had this problem before with my desktop computer. I just built it over the summer. So far internet hasn't been any kind of issue. So basically what is happening is that I can't connect to any web browsers but I can connect to online games with high latency. Another thing I should mention is that the apartment building I live in just upgraded from DSL to cable. When I was using DSL it worked fine. But ever since the switch things have gone down hill. Can Someone Please help? Why should I pay 30 dollars a month for internet I can't access.

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Do you have up-to-date virus program, I would start by checking for any virus or hijecking...

If you do not have a legit virus software, then try and see if your ISP, now a days they do include and provide virus protection in your high speed connection.

if not then go to and check your computer for virus and trojan online...