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Pinky - Apr 17, 2010 at 05:00 PM
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Hello, I would like to find out why my PS3 is not reading my external hard drive 500gb essential.... I called up western digital they said to download a software and after that i should not have a problem. Guess what I have the same problem 5 hrs later... My friend has a External hard drive 500 gb not sure what brand but his connects with out a problem. Im getting really fustrated i just wanted to plug and go , you know play with my media but noooooooooooo it had to be all complicated..... If anyone has a clue with my question i will definately apprietiate your answer..... Thank you in advance,


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Apr 17, 2010 at 05:46 PM
Step 1

Connect the external hard drive to your computer using your USB cord.
Step 2

Open your "Start" menu and click on the following string of menu options: "Control Panel," "Administrative Tools," "Computer Management" and "Disk Manager."
Step 3

Select the external hard drive and give attention to the type of "File System." If it reads "NTFS," then right-click it and choose "Delete Partition." This will ensure the partition you use is "FAT32." If it's not "FAT32," then proceed to Step 4. If it is "FAT32," then move on to Step 5.
Step 4

Run an Internet search for "CompuApps Swiss Knife." You'll find the official website within the first few search results. Simply enter the site and download the free application. Once downloaded, install the program and run it. When you're inside the program, choose the external hard drive that needs to be partitioned. Configure the settings in the following manner: "Partition Type-Primary," "File System-FAT32" and "Volume Label." Choose "Create" and your FAT 32 partition will be set up. Proceed to Step 5.
Step 5

Open "My Computer" and click twice on your empty external PS3 hard drive. Right click within this area, move your cursor down to "New," and select "Folder." Name this folder "Photo." Repeat this process to create three more new folders: "Music," "Video" and "Game." This will ensure the folders on your external hard drive are identical to those on your PS3.
Step 6

Click the green arrow in the bottom right corner of your screen to remove and choose "Safely Remove." Unplug your external PS3 hard drive once a message appears indicating it's safe to do so.
Step 7

Connect your external hard drive to your PS3 and enjoy.