I cant play online with 2 xbox 360 why? [Solved/Closed]

i bough a xbox 360 about 2 years ago

then my cousin bough 1 too

we were about to play with our friends and we cant

well I can but on his xbox says that the connection too the host as ended

and if he enters the game first I cant enter and the same warning happens again?
is it beacouse were using the same internet?

please I need some help :/

thanks for watching

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This is to anyone who wants to connect two Xbox 360s on one network and have them both on xbox live playing at the same time. And sorry if someone else has posted this elsewhere and this is a repost.

First. Get a good router, perferably linksys since I did this with one.

When you have the router get into the interface of it, ie log on with the ip address ( might vary but should be mentioned in the manuel.)

You are going to want to enable the UPnP setting and just to help out, open the port numbers for the xbox, they can be found online with google.

Then comes the fun part. You need to find out the ip address of the 360s, you actually only need one but it's nice to know both just in case.

At this point you need to enable the DMZ feature in the router. It will ask for an IP Address at which just enter one of the Xbox 360.

Save your settings and you should be good to go.

The reason both 360s wont work, or work a short time, is that the router handling the packets doesn't know which 360 to forward them to so comes the problem with it.

By enabling the DMZ you are basically putting one 360 outside your nat network and the router can send the packets to each 360 without any problem.

By the way, lag shouldnt be any problem if you have a decent internet connection.


EDIT: Port triggering does work :
  • the triggering range is 52-54 forward port 53
  • the triggering range is 79-81 forward port 80
  • the triggering range is 87-89 forward port 88
  • the triggering range is 3073-3075 forward port 3074
Thank you

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I'm trying to set up 3 xbox's on one connection but it will only let me sign on one at a time. I have a Linksys Router and tried to the port triggering but the same problem occurred. I put the port numbers in but nothing has changed. I inserted the numbers in the port triggering and the port forwarding sections in numerical order, I don't know if this is right or not but I need help. ANy Suggestions
I've been able to get all 3 online at the same time but all 3 NAT's are moderate. Anyway to make all of them open? FYI 2 of the xbox's are wireless while one is plugged directly into the router.
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I am a network technician and I know how to solve this problem. First it wil depend on what brand of router you are using. I use A Linksys router becuase it is reliable and the tech support is the best. Since Linksys routers have Firewall to protect you from outsiders you need to set certain ports to listening mode. That means you need to open ports that Xbox Live Server requires. Other brands of Router that doesn't have firewall doesn't need this. The ports are 53, 80, 88, and 3074. Since you are trying to make two Xbox consoles use those ports and you are trying to connect to a server, what you needto do is to use Port Range Triggering. You can't use Port Range Forwarding since it will only set those ports into listening mode to the IP address you set it. So if you use Port Range Forwarding it will only be open/available to one console(the one using the IP address).YOU NEED TO USE PORT RANGE TRIGGERING. Disable Port Range Forwarding and DMZ. YOU NEED TO ENABLE UPnP as well if your Linksys router have this option (other model doesn't have this option but it is said to be enabled in default settings according to their tech support). TO SOLVE THE LAG problem set your MTU size to 1364. This settings will work even if you have one or multiple consoles running behind the router. Just remember that you need to make sure first that you have a good connection from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Online gaming consumes a lot of bandwidth. So just couple things to do. Trigger the ports at the Port Range Triggering, set MTU to 1364 and make sure UPnP is enabled. Pleasegive me feed backs after you tried it.
I'm trying to set up 3 xbox's on one connection but it will only let me sign on one at a time. I have a Linksys Router and tried to the port triggering but the same problem occurred. I put the port numbers in but nothing has changed. I inserted the numbers in the port triggering and the port forwarding sections in numerical order, I don't know if this is right or not but I need help. ANy Suggestions?
Hi, I received a new updated from Xbox and I updated it, so the thing is I can't play Xbox because the CD can't be read it! I have my console hack, but I didn't get banned.

Micheal, that update bricked your console, its because you have an older console. Microsoft knew this was going to happen to some systems so the error has been logged by them already, you need to call their tech support and let them know what happened, and they get you a new Xbox.
i had the same problem hooking up two xboxes I fixed it by going into my router and disableing the NAT and then it worked perfectly u should try it
Check out a custom dd-wrt firmware, set up QoS and uPnP and you'll be good to go

I've been fighting with two xboxes off and on for over a year. kirbyboychoy's suggestions in post 28 above are the closest I've come to having everything working perfectly, but it's still not quite there: One one xbox, the NAT status is still "moderate".

My setup:

Wireless router: Linksys WRT310N, with firmware v1.00.4-CA
- Single Port Forwarding, Port Range Forwarding and DMZ all disabled
- Port Range Triggering set as thetompes described in post 29 above.
- UPNP enabled, MTU size 1364.
- "Filter Internet NAT Redirection" checkbox is not checked

Xbox #1
- wireless, manually assigned IP ( and DNS servers
- no problems

Xbox #2
- NOT wireless, manually assigned IP ( and DNS servers
- running the xbox Live test results in a warning: NAT type as "Moderate"

According to Microsoft's site, "Moderate" NAT means: "Moderate: This means that you can talk to other players who have open or moderate NAT issues, but you cannot talk or play with users who have strict NAT issues."

So how do I go from "Moderate" to "Open" NAT on my second xbox?

> manc54
Anyone who has a Linksys WRT5G router and wants Open NAT on 2 Xboxes absolutely, positively has to follow these instructions:


This is the only way I was able to get my Linksys router to have Open NAT's on Both 360s. It requires you to flash the Router with Tomato firmware -- which is quite easy and takes only a few minutes -- and then make the adjustments in the firmware so that the Xboxes connect with their own MAC identification every time.

READ EVERY PART AND FOLLOW IT CLOSELY. Basically you forget every part of Port Forwarding/Triggering and just enable UPnP. The key then is writing down your 360's MAC address and entering it into the Tomato routing firmware so that every time your 360s connect, they connect with that specific MAC Address. That way they aren't fighting for the same 3074 port each time.

After hours and hours of trying to make it happen -- and slamming my head against the wall because 1 360 was Open but the other was either Moderate or Strict -- this actually worked.

Just remember after making the adjustments and SAVING them, reboot the router and also power down both of your Xboxes.

You should then see something like this in the UPnP tab:

3074 3074 UDP Xbox ( 3074 UDP
20602 20602 UDP Xbox ( 20602 UDP

Good luck!
> kjsr
KJSR is right moving to another non Linksys router. Changing routers or flashing the linksys with tomato or dd-wrt is about the only workable solution. I have tried everything to get a wrt320n to work and nothing( and I mean nothing) will get it to work correctly with two xbox's. Someone may think they have it working but it will end up changing at a later date (usually after a reset). I have used Linksys products for years (usually flashed with dd-wrt) but I can say that at least their newest routers do no handle changing many of the setting very well. I don't care if it's port forwarding (range or triggered), UpnP, Access Restrictions, etc nothing seems to work correctly. I have worked with computers and networking for 20+ years so I know a little of what I talking about. It may work before/after a soft reset but not after a hard reset, etc. This router is only good for someone that doesn't need to change anything. I used Linksys online tech support and the first thing they said was that xbox's may not work. UPnP has known problems and they say that putting one on the DMZ and port forwarding the other is a "product limitation". Port triggering should work but doesn't.

I will be trying a Netgear. The WNDR3700 looks good after reading the review and I've read them for d-link and others.
> MadDog
*** UPDATE ****

I just wanted to updated my last post. After having failed to get the wrt320G to work I hooked up my old wrt54g with DD-WRT v24 (05/20/08) std on it just to give it another try. I turned off the firewall (Filter Anonymous Internet Requests), turned off DMZ, made sure the Port Forwarding (single, range and triggered) were turn off and turned on UPnP. When it didn't work with static addresses on the xbox's I set them back to automatic and it started working. My thinking is that if you use static IP's on the Xbox'x Microsoft either doesn't touch it or can't because it needs to play with the IP's to work.

If you look at what UPnP does, it takes the automatic assigned IP addresses on the xbox of .101 and .102 and turns them in to multiple IP's and reassigned ports as well. (122 and 123 added by UPnP)

Description Enabled From (WAN) To (LAN)IP Address Protocol
Xbox ( 3074 UDP Yes 3074 3074 UDP
Xbox ( 9978 UDP Yes 9978 9978 UDP
Xbox ( 20874 UDP Yes 20874 20874 UDP
Xbox ( 11882 UDP Yes 11882 11882 UDP

Went back to Xbox and Manual set the IP to the Automatic one .100 and .102 and it didn't work. Only works in automatic mode.

Try the same stuff with the WRT320G and it didn't work. Linksys support never suggested working with the UpnP so I must conclude this a known bug with the WRT320G.
> MadDog
I have 3 Xbox connected to my WRT120N router. I have open NAT on all 3 but when we try to search for a game we find 0/50 games. Its almost impossible to get a game.

All 3 Xbox are wired so wireless is not an issue for me.
My connection is NTL (Cable) 30mb down 3Mb up. Sometimes when we are all on line we can't connect either of the desktop PC's to the internet.

I also found that every once in a while one of the Xbox will be disconnected from live for no apparent reason.
I tried setting a fixed IP (Below the DHCP limit 100) but this just stopped me from finding a game altogether. Should I set a fixed IP on all 3 Xbox above the DHCP limit of 100. Say for example for one of the Xbox.

This is driving us nuts as we just want to play online together.
could this also apply to a Belkin router? if yes then could you explain it?
Okay, So me and my brother both have our own 360', and our own computers. I have a mac and my xbox is hooked up with a ethernet cable to the computer, my brothers is done the same way but to a reg laptop instead. both computers are wireless, and are connected through the router in the other room.

we can both be on xbox live at the same time playing differant people, and doing whatever. And we both can be sent a game invite from the same person and play in that game, with basically no problem just a little lag here and there. but if we try to send each other an invite and play it wont let us. we can only play if the host is not one of us. Any help? thanks
Heres to anyone thats getting a little confused as to what to enter in the port range triggering page. Firstly make sure DMZ is disabled, Upnp is on and you are NOT forwarding any ports using single port forwarding. Then enter the following in the Port Range Triggering page

Application Name doesnt matter, call each one what you like (e.g Xbox1, Xbox2 etc etc)

Xbox1 Triggered Range (Start Port: 52) (End Port: 54) Forward Range (Always the same as Triggered Range, so 52 and 54 in this case) TICK THE ENABLED BOX

Xbox2 Triggered Range (Start Port: 79) (End Port: 81) (Forward Range 79 and 81) TICK ENABLED

Xbox3 Triggered Range (Start Port: 87) (End Port: 89) (Forward Range 87 and 89) TICK ENABLED

Xbox4 Triggered Range (Start Port: 3073) End Port: 3075) (Forward Range 3073 and 3075) TICK ENABLED

N.B Remember now to click Save Settings at the bottom, im sure many forget to do this, hence why they still experience problems!

This method above worked for me first time after trying a number of other solutions and I too found the information a bit vague at times with regards to what numbers to enter in the boxes etc so im hoping this info will help others in the my situation. I turned two xboxs with Open and Strict NAT into 2 with Open Nat.

You also need both xboxs to be set to automatically be assigned an IP address, ignore all the advice to have a manual IP, this doesnt seem to work and actually appears to make things worse. Also make sure you havent messed with any other router settings other than those above and that your MTU is set to 1500.

Good luck!
does this procedure require just to save settings or does the modem and router need to be unplugged and powered cycled back on?,,thanks
> papahood
Hi, it should just require you to save settings, this is what I did and it worked straight away. A power reset of the router after you've saved settings wouldnt hurt but check first with your xbox to see if its worked. Matt
> mattxbox
sadly this didn't work out for me..i still have one open and one moderate nat. I think I have exhausted all my options. The only other thing I did that really wasn't specified was to set the tcp and udp values to each port. I suppose I could have left them all on both but I really didn't think that would matter. If there's anything else more specific please let me know..thanks
> papahood
Make sure you are using Port Range Triggering and not Port Range forwarding. Port Range Triggering should not give u an option to change the tcp and udp values.
> gotmytv
yes I was using port range triggering and yes it does give me the option for those protocols. Well I am using dd-wrt firmware...i've never used linksys firmware on this router so i'm not sure if tcp udp is an option or not ..but it definitely is in dd-wrt
Yes port triggering does work.
the triggering range is 52-54 forward port 53
the triggering range is 79-81 forward port 80
the triggering range is 87-89 forward port 88
the triggering range is 3073-3075 forward port 3074
This worked for me on a linksys thanks for the help.
this worked. didn't do anything else.
I'm glad I could help...now back to sniffing paint for me weeeeeeeeeeeeee!
What other number do you put for the forward port because there are 2 sections for me to fill in
Ok this is a long fight. I have a total of 4 xbox 360's in my house 1 for myself and one each for the kids
Here is the way that I get mine to work. I have my cable modem with a cat 5 running to a switch.
from the switch I have 2 360's plugged into it. Then another LAN cable from the switch to the wireless router
I then have 2 wireless 360's what I do is have port forwarding enabled for one but not the other. This gives me the NAT message but still allows all 4 online at the sametime. The other way I have done this is
to run yet another cable from the first wireless router to another wireless router
then have both wireless 360's hook to a different router this will not give the nat message any longer.
I am slightly confused as to how you have this set up. We currently have 4 xboxes as well our provider is roadrunner so we have a wireless modem which also includes our digital phone. We have been trying to be able to play all 4 boxes with no luck and unforunately because we cannot make changes to their modem we are kind of stuck. Would what you did work for us? 3 xboxes hard wired right now and one is wireless along with our wireless laptops. Please let me know what you think. Thanks Cat
> Cat
Hi Cat, maybe I can help you. What type of modem do u have? you said it's an all in one, from what I understand. It's a wireless MODEM that does voip. Is that correct? What exactly is your setup? What model number is your modem? Do u have a seperate router?If so, what is the model number of that> Give me a full description of your setup and I will try my best to help you configure it properly. You may b required to buy a certain router to help you get this working properly. Let me know. You can email me directly if you like.
> Nayteez
Yes correct our modem is UBEE model # is U10C022 our phone comes off it then we have 3 xboxes hard wired to it and one xbox is wireless off it then our laptops are wireless as well we do not have any routers currently does that help you any?? I did not see your email to reply directly sorry. Thanks Cat
its admin admin
ok guys here it is all out: You need to have a GOOD "Gateway" router. I tried getting 2 xbox's working on a t-mobile linksys router and couldn't get it to work, I later figured out that it wasn't a Gateway Router, but it was just a plain router (w/voip of course). So I got a Linksys WRT54G2 v1 and did this: I left the security settings on default:

SPI Firewall: ON
Block Internet Requests:ON
Filter Multicast:OFF
Block NAT Redirection:OFF

uPNP: ENABLED (this cancels the need for port forwarding or port triggering)
You shouldn't need to Port Forward or Port Trigger ANYTHING for xbox, AS LONG AS you have a GOOD Gateway Router with latest firmware OR DD-WRT firmware!!! THAT'S KEY!!!

Make sure box xbox's are set to AUTOMATICALLY receive IP Address and DNS settings. If you assign a manual STATIC IP to xboxes, then uPNP doesn't open ports for them, therefore making uPNP useless.

If you have Cable Internet, your MTU can be 1500, but you can play with it if you want. 1364 is the MINIMUM requirement for Xbox Live. So I would say try 1500, if you notice lag, bring it down to 1450 and try again if no difference bring it down to 1425 or 1400.

If this does not work for you, then get a new router!!! Invest in a wrt54g2 or the N version of that style if u want.

If you have 2 routers in your equation, MAKE SURE YOU DO THE FOLLOWING:
the router connected to modem should be GATEWAY ROUTER. That Gateway router should have all the settings I mentioned above. Out of any port of that router, should connect to the 2nd router's WAN port. The 2nd Router should be in BRIDGE mode. So the trick is, on the second router, shut off ALL firewall settings. Set router to automatically receive IP (AKA DHCP). Make SURE that on this 2nd router, you DISABLE uPNP, dmz, port forwarding, port triggering and QoS. BTW, when you set router into bridge mode, it should automatically disable DHCP Server (meaning that it will disable the ability to ASSIGN ip's automatically, if it doesn't disable, then make sure you disable it)

Hope This helps everyone out!!!! And if you can't get it to work, GET A BETTER ROUTER!!!
First of all you don't want to enable UPnP and Port forwarding. They will clash and you more likely will end up with more problems then you should. Unless you have two public IP addresses from your provider then you will not have both Xbox 360s say Open NAT because there are only one set of ports the 360 uses and only one of them can use it. I have tried 7 different routers and one nice Cisco router that cost a few hundred which worked wonders but anyways.

The best thing for you to do is port forward one 360s and DMZ the other. They will both have a Moderate NAT but you will have to deal with it. And adding a static IP address to both 360s will help your router locate them easily because the DHCP feature will change the IP address of the 360s on you and you would have to do this all over again so just assign it a static NAT.
I had the same problem, I fiorwarded ports to one xbox, put the other in the DMZ but one would always come up nat moderate etc so I switched everything off and and enabled UPNP and now everthing works fine. Basically reply 15's correct (even though he's a bit angry with it). My router is a Belkin and works perfect now, the boys are upstairs playing Transformers 2.
Post 15 is correct, get a good router. I have two 360 consoles, both run COD 4 no problems at the same time. I have a DSL-2640b router, no special setup, no port forwarding, no DMZ, just defualt setup with dynamic IPs. No probs. Having said that my PS3 doesn't work without port forwading using the same router!
Post 15 should be correct. A router assigns an IP address to anything plugged into it. This means the last octet will be different. If your router doesnt do this then go get a better router. I havent had a problem playing off of two PCs playing the same game so I don;t see why the 360 should be any different. Buy a linksys. If you own a belkin you will have problems. They are very cheap routers that block about everything.
Aiens just came through my window and gave me an anal probe and it felt good like taking a really big crap!
i had 4 xbox 360 play at the same time and I had no problems at all I was with at&t than I switch to roadrunner and I have the same problem as u all so im gona change back to at&t trust me u wont have that problem again
An earlier poster posted this:

"Yes port triggering does work.
the triggering range is 52-54 forward port 53
the triggering range is 79-81 forward port 80
the triggering range is 87-89 forward port 88
the triggering range is 3073-3075 forward port 3074
This worked for me on a linksys thanks for the help."

On my screen, the foward port needs two seperate values. I understand to input the 52-54, but then the other two columns would be missing a number?

Hi Tim,

Mines the same, read my post (number 77) this tells you what values to put in all the 4 boxes. Hope it helps, works for me.

Also VERY occasionally (its happened twice in 3 weeks) it will go back to putting one xbox to moderate or strict NAT. The solution is just to switch that xbox to a manual IP, test xbox live, then put it back to automatic and the the router will assign the Xbox a new IP which seems to sort the problem.

the problem is that the two xboxs are running off the same ip, its wierd how it works but if you flush your dns cache and reset your ip both xboxs should work, same happened to me and my sis so I ran a little .bat file I created unfourtantly I have nbo means of uploading the app soz
what do you mean flush the DNS can you do this on your router.
I am having the same problem.
i cant play my 2 xbox 360's
I can play for about 20 minutes on my router and it works. but then it disconects both of them from xbox live.
I turn the xbox's on and off then it works again for another 20 mins.
i have a linksys wireless router that I use the ports for my xbox's
Why don't you just stop being a total douchebag and do what I said?!

Thanks guys, thanks a lot....I know have two working xbox360 systems reading your advices.

how did u get it work?
I had sex with some aliens and they showed me after we had a cigarette how to get it to work!
I didn't get it to work because I am a L33T NOOB!
Alright so I have had this same problem for a very long time. I have 3 xbox 360's connected to the same internet connection. Generally because upnp was always enabled the first person who signed on had an open connection and the other two had strict connections, which for some games dropped the stricts out of every multiplayer game (happened all the time with modern warfare 2, which prompted my solution).

The soltion requires two routers. I will label the router connected directly to the modem as the master and the one connected to the master as the slave. I assigned my computers and laptops with their own static ip avoiding assigning the first available ip (for my router I DMZed that specific ip address (thus creating an open connection). I then connected the slave router which automatically picked up the open ip address ( I then connected the three xbox 360's (one by direct ethernet, two by wireless) to the slave router. All three received an open connection, and we were never dropped from a game again. I have taken a couple networking classes for my CS major and I really dont know exactly why this works, but I think its essentially sending all of the xbox data through the ip address which is open and therefore every ip address created by the slave router is open by default (i have the router dynamically assign the ip addresses). Also to get around not having a password for the master router (because obviously there is no interface to input a password from the slave to connect to the master's network) I just enabled the MAC address of the slave router which told my master network that this device is ok doesn't need to enter a password. ANYWAY, I hope this helps everyone because this was a really annoying problem that I couldnt solve for a long time. As a side note we have not experienced any abnormal lag since doing this and actually we are frequently the host of the games we play in which never seemed to happen before. if any experts out there want to clarify why this works, please do, because I am interested.

ok the number gets put into port trigger range and into the listening port range.Next is the main thing which I learned the hard way and with spending alot of money.Your Isp must supply you with a modem not a router but a modem that has 1364 to 1500 MTU.My provider gave me a modem that was capped at 797 MTU this means I can not play with both open,only one console could be open.I went and bought my own modem and could adjust the MTU value in the modem and all is fine now.I can use 2 xbox's at sametime,2 wii's , 2 ps3's and 4 pc's all is fine,it is not the type of router you have it is whether or not your isp has given you a modem capable of the mtu load.Also with your router you must port trigger the rest that everyone has told you ignore they are false.You can manually create your own ip or have it automatic.For those of you who have no idea on how to do this go to www.portforward.com it will give you the ports and instructions for your router on what ports and where to go in your router but do not forward the ports,Trigger them.Your Nat will be open.I have tried everyones suggestions and bought all the different routers,but when I bought my own modem all was fixed and works great.I hope this helps anyone who has struggled through the many posts here.Grandmaster Dog
I recently had an issue connecting 2 xbox360's to my wireless network. After buying a new netgear router, pure garbage in my opinion, it would randomly drop all wireless devices, I found a guy at work running a successful setup. I returned the netgear for a linksys wrt160n ($75.99 WALMART), and have been able to play(2 xbos's) for hours without a single interuption or the intermittent drops I was getting with the netgear router. I did have to contact tech support during the initial setup and port trigger a couple of ports, but have not any any issues to since. Hope this helps.
I read all of the posts and tried almost every technique here to get both xbox open NAT. I was only able to get 1 open and the other moderate.

The solution for me was disabling port forwarding and port triggering and enabling UPNP. It didn't work at first, both xboxs were closed NAT but when I hit a button that rebooted my modem I got both XBOXs on open NAT.

All I did was turn on UPnP and bridged connections on a pc for one xbox and the other is hooked up normal. has been working for me. simple fix.

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