My pendrive has zero bytes of space

 Sana -
I have a pen drive which of-late, when I connect it to the pc, its detectted to have a total space 0, and free space 0.
pls help me out.
pen drive type. oceaneering.

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Right click on my computer click on manage , select disk management and see whether your pen drive is showing 0 bytes unallocated. If it is showing like that right click on the drive and create partition with maximum size.
Thank you

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hello sonu, go to kioskea downloads - system - formatting, and download the HP USB DISK STORAGE FORMAT TOOL,
intall it on your pc and use it to format your drive. its simple ans easy. thanks.
Hi Nick

Thank you verrrryyyyy Much for the advise to formate the usb drive through HP Softwares.Man you are the best.Love you 7 good bless you.

Akhtar Ali Ansari
Bangalore India
Litteral thanks dude. you save my day
thank u soooooooooooo much sir
its really working
I was having the same problem. After much search and try, I found the solution on following link
You just need to add your email and country and it will recover the data if possible. If recovery of data is not possible then atleast it will format your usb and make them able to work again
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Hi, there

You may change a computer to insert your pen drive to see whether the same situation will happen. And confirm your pen drive is not encrypted by some software. Otherwise your pen drive may suffer crash or corruption. You can use some repair tools to fix it.