I can't open my flash drive files

 Hello -
when I plugged in my flash drive , I t is opened but I can not open and see files it contains insides.Would be
wonderful and help if you respond me very soon.

thanking you

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Do the following steps:
  • 1. Open a new text document in the flash drive
  • 2. Enter the following code in the text document:
    @echo offattrib -s -h -r /s /dclsexit
  • 3. Click File - Save as
  • 4. Save it as "unhide.bat"
  • 5. Close and delete the new text document
  • 6. Double click on the "unhide" batch file
  • 7. A black command screen will pop up and close

Thank you

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Thank you so much.
Much appreciated. really saved me from loaded stress
It worked! Thank you!
IT WORKS! Thank you so much.
First of all open your pen drive and goto tools in the menu bar.Now goto Folders Option and then press View tag.In that you will see a list of Cheakboxes for various tasks.Press Radio Button for Show Hidden Files and Folders and Uncheak "Hide Protected Operating Sytem file(Recommended).Now Press Apply and then Ok...
Now You would be able to see your files .....To make them clearly visible..Press Ctrl+A in your flash drive and then uncheak Hidden from the properties...ANd press Apply then Ok.

If inspite all the above solutions you are not able to see them.....JUST Install an Antivirus on your PC(if possible)
otherwise to copy all contents of pendrive to recover the data.DO the following:
1.Open start Menu
2.goto Run
3.type CMD
4.A command promt will flash.
5.Type there
[Drive name]: and press enter
for example if your pendrive is Showing drive G:
Then type c:\Documents and Settings\desktop>G: and press enter
Now type xcopy/s * [destination drive] and press enter key
For example
g:\>Xcopy/s * c:\
6.And all your data will be recovered to c: drive

Mritunjay Kumar
Thank you sir... it works
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No it didnt work for me.
I stuck at no.5 when doing the command.
After I put in my Drive name :
It says "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error."