Mouse and keyboard not working

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 dk.vadgama - Jun 25, 2010 at 01:01 PM
ive just bought a new computer my neighbour just did all the connections but he didnt test for it and now when i came back home my keyboard and mouse arent working seems as if not receiving any power anyone can help me please? because i cant install windows on it without the mouse and the keyboard. actually they are usb ones.

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and i have the same problem ps2 inputs has damaged and i dont know how format pc becouse i cant go to the bios.
I can see how one might think that this is a faulty device but infact the fix is much more simple then you may think. You first have to access the BIOS on the computer and change the USB Legacy mode to on or enable USB support. If you are not comfortable around the BIOS and are not sure if you are up to the task I would recommend that you contact someone with a little more experience. If I can be of assistance I will do my best to answer any questions you might have. PM me if there is anything I can do.
i have the same problem also, when i start my laptop normaly it will ask of password then i put the passwoed, but the problem now is how can i put the password without the mouse and keyboard working? please let somebody help me out here!
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This is simple dude have a ps2 keyboard and a ps2mouse to install windows and after the installation process is over just plug the usb keyboard and mouse and install the driver.

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same problem i faced, so u do this .. upgrade ur window xp by xp cd . dont instal only repair xp.