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 Babu -
I am receiving the internet signal in the modem and have connected to the modem the Vonage box (telephone service through internet) and from the Vonage box I have connected the wireless router.

I have been receiving the internet in this way since 8 months ago that I started with Vonage without any problem, last week, I started to experience some problems, my computer receive the routers signal but I cannot open internet, when I unplug the router and connect the cable direclty in the computer I have internet, how can this be possible and what can I do?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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PROBLEM SOLVED! I had the same problem and spent an entire day online trying to troubleshoot it, changing settings, disabling items, and so on. What finally worked was the simplest solution of all and could have saved me a lot of wasted effort: MOVE THE ROUTER or ANTENNA. I use a repeater with a separate antenna because our router is in the basement, and when I moved the devices around, I immediately got a stronger, and consistent, signal. If you have a connection already, don't waste time changing settings. The problem is likely interference. Hope this helps!
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Maybe it's configuration problem on wireless router, advise you to log on wireless router's configuration page, and check the Internet/WAN, wireless and other network setting again. If possible, go to the status page to check the Internet status.

If you need more helps, can take a look on this wireless network troubleshooting article, hope able to help.

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