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 KJFin -
I have to an issue with matching columns.

Column A Column B Column C Column D

Column A: This has 300 lines with account #'s
Column B: This has 4300 lines with account #'s
Column C: This has 4300 lines with client #'s
Column D: This has 4300 lines with Balances

I need a formula that will match the 300 accounts in column A with the account #'s in Column B so I can get rid of the 4000 account that do not have a match with any of the accounts listed in Column A.

Please assist.

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Try this
on column E, in you can have


This will show the row number of where the account number in a cell of column B, appears in column A. In case the account is not in A column, it will show 0.

You can filter on 0 and delete the rows
Thank you

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