I want to replace windows vista with xp

anirban916 - Nov 13, 2008 at 01:42 AM
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Hi, I want to remove windows vista that came with my dell xps m1530 laptop and replace with windows xp server pack3.
I am in urgent need and please provide me with step by step procedures as how to do that.

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Nov 13, 2008 at 05:48 AM
hey there,

first of all you will need a bootable windows xp cd for what you are trying to do. I would advice you to make a clean format of your pc and to install a clean copy of the windows xp

i just wanted to know if anyone knows how to put xp on a toshiba satillite 98 model with only 4gb?

please reply:)

thank-you :):):)
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Jan 30, 2009 at 05:22 PM
To Renz - wouldnt you prefer linux? lol :P
Xp - home or pro takes around 1.5 gig right after the setup minimum... Might be bigger or smaller.... I used to try an old 590toshiba satelite and damn :P It couldt even read an mp3 file straightly lloll..... It had 64mb of ram... thats already lost thought :P

But well... Try it... But you'd better make a backup of the existing win98 (as long as you can borrow a mini ide-to-usb enclosure and plug the drive to a desktop pc) or if you have the installation cd then there arent any troubles to worry about :P


To Anirban

You can get windows XP lissences from monsterdirect.com or from ebay at an average 100$... Or beg your friends who passed to vista without the will of turning back to xp :P

Then, make an as-is copy of any windows xp cdrom whitch is legal. As long as you own a key. (you better get xp pro, xp fam is crap :P )

Some shop technicians might also lend you a setup disc whitch would spares you from taking the risk to make people scream "YOU VIOLATE EULA" "AAAAARGH" then plant you a tomahawk right in the scalp :P

Otherwise, if you arent scared of those foes, you might use the keyword "unattended" in your web researches.

Some audacious people are true artists even if they dont do as reactos did (making a win32 environement from scratch)... They correct what the authors came too lazy to do theirselves whitch is quite noble.

So... Whatever you do, at least get a legit key sticker so the microsoft employees get bread and milk on their table tomorrow morning :)


About the setup, well first, make sure that all your precious files are in a folder placed on the root c:\, you will keep the filesystem as it is.... you might even concider to keep vista and xp in a dual boot but well.. as you might have only one single partition..... Well... Forget about that... Take your precious files on an usb pendrive or such, burn them on a cd (as long as you havent killed vista already :P ) Koz well.... i dont know if keeping the filesystem as-is when settuping a downgrade is secure) If you did, you'd have to delete the windows folder and keep the windows.0 folder then modify boot.ini by getting windows to show system files by changing it from tools/folders options/ show protected system files (or unhide) .. the file would be located on c:\ ...... aaah lol complicated stuff to explain thought:P

Yet, after you made your precious files secure, restart, make sure, by pressing del at first boot step, and entering the bios setup, that the first boot device is set to cdrom (if not, note whitch is the first boot device, replace the cd entry with this device, put the cd first,... press escape, save changes and exit),whats next? Well thats so easy - - - put in the disk, setup starts in a blue environement, choose whether you will format the partition or use it as it is (less safe if vista is still present) you might also specify if you want 2 partitions or only one (2 partitions will allow you to store all your preciousnesses on a second drive so you never lose them when installing a new windows to the first one) then it will enter the interfaced setup....Press a lot of next-next-next... verify your keyboard and regionnal settings ( uk english/us english/aus english) select your timezone (try to take a zone outside your country that renders the same gmt time),
Fill in your product key then wait.

It will reboot ounce, make sure you do not restart the process (could happend but its unusual) setup will go on... second reboot then you enter windows.

Skip the welcome stuff.....

If you are lucky, web connection will already be enabled. Like, keep your lan cord plugged while setuping, it'll put some more chances on your side for this to happend.

Do some updates with windows update.... Install your fav apps... And then you are set :)

If you are wondering about some unclear stuff - - google up "windows xp installation guide"

Thanx for reading

heyy Matt,
thx for everything

do u have a hotmail?

if you do can u plz send it to renae_lol415@hotmail.com

thx again bye bye:)
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Feb 2, 2009 at 01:32 AM
Solutionnizing via messenger wouldnt quite help the community.
It is way better to discuss tech-stuff online so that it might be of help for as many people as possible.
What else did you want to know?