P.c hanging .

arkilla - Jun 16, 2010 at 04:30 AM
 aanjana03 - Jun 16, 2010 at 04:41 AM

im having a big frustrating problem. lately my computer has hung on several app's such as aol and "a file sharing application" and sometimes it happends 20 minutes in and sometimes two hours in. i tried removing dust from the case and the fan on the cpu but it still does it though it lasts a little longer. i am ready to format windows but something tells me that wont do it. does anyone have any suggestions? i know im virus free. also i check the event viewer and all it can tell me is im getting this program and that program hanging. but i also see that remote connection is activated around that time so i disabled it and it still comes up. no clue there. also once one program hangs basically all of them do and i can move my mouse and sometimes ctrl alt del works but doesnt end the program. windows acts like it has like asking me if i want to send an error report but its still physcially there. can anyone help me here? i dont have the money now to buy a new computer and i dont have spare RAM. anyone out there to help? thanks in advance

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go run and type %temp% and delate allfile in this way delate temp, recent , preaface all file 2, use computer tools- programme- accessary- system tools( disk clean / defrag... 3/ use up date antivirous and scan. in this site u can get avir personal free antivirous it can m ake disable task bar enable. keep 10 % minimum c drive empty thanks