My sound is NOT working...

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Hey guys. I recently downloaded Kaspersky on my computer and today, i went on the computer, got on youtube, click a video, and sound wasn't working.

so i thought i had it on mute, check it and it wasn't. I checked to see if my speakers were on and they were, checked to see if they were correctly plugged & they were.

I went onto other videos to see if it was only that certain one, but it wasn't. my sound/audio does NOT work whatsoever.

I tried updating my audio (since I have Realtek I updated that one), went onto Device Manager to see if I had that exclamation mark and I didn't. Everything was working, according to Dev.Manager. Since I have Sony Vaio, I searched for my computer model on t heir website and downloaded the audio drive and everything. I'm downloading their motherboard right now but it's taking forever to download.

Can anyone help me out here? I'm desperate. PS. when i plug headphones in, it still doesn't work.

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Dear Sommy,

Please check in your Device Manager whether you need to have its driver updated to get the problem solved.

Thank you.