Windows Xp Automatic Updates Not Working help

 DonB -
I choose In The Automatic Updates To Update AutoMatically And Then I Saw The Update Icon In The System Tray, Suddenly It Dissapear, What is The Problem In My PC? Please Help And You Can Send Messages To My Email:


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Had the same problem after updating on or around xmas... It's all malware dude. I tried all the internet gimmicks - None worked. Solution was simple: Scan your computer with an antivirus which support spyware, spam, rootkit etc.. (i used AVG security Center); then use (Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware) - it found about 30 malware on my machine. Erase malware found... Restart your computer!!! bang bang - my updates worked again... Note: Keep a working antivirus/spyware/spamware software which is updated regularly... WORKS
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hey umm i was just wondering if u could help me out here so umm i saw the automatic updates icon was there and the next minute it was gone so i was just wondering wat should i do ??
run AVG and then download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from C-net and run that..... see if that helps.
> hadjiandbuck
Whatever this is it won't let me run malwarebytes, upgrade to internet explorer 8, upgrade microsoft and it redirects me to another page if I try to log onto the websites. Help. I downloaded Malware but it won't run.
The best answers for this kind of problem is to contact customer support service at the Microsoft because they're the ones who manufactured it.