Critical!Seagate 120 G external HD problem.

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Wednesday July 7, 2010
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July 7, 2010
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Hi All,
I have one 12o GB Seagate external Hard Drive few days back while working I got a strange problem,nothing was working.My hard disk crashed.If I connects it to any other PC it shows mre new device found in WIn XP Status bar corner,but after that system gets hung at all.For your kind information its not infected with virus or so.Also it might be on the verge of getting fully crashed I meant physical crash.i have very important data in it.I have Ontrack's easy recovery and many more tools to recover.But the rpoblem is to access partition.
Can some one tell me how to rectifty this problem.
Can I access it from some other OS?

I will be thankful to you.


Ravindra Malve

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Hi mate,

i see you badly need those information from the device,if you can invest some money then do as follows:

Purchase an external hard drive enclosure only,remove the hard disk from the old enclosure and fix in th new one and plug to system,this time it will be detected on all systems.