C d f h w and the control keys do not work.

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My Sony VAIO keyboard has a strange problem. some of the keyboard alpabets like
c d f h w and the control keys do not work.

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Hi shahnaz ,

Well to start with troubleshooting the issue ,in your place ill use a paintbrush(smallest one) and try to remove dust from the keys as it may be stuck under it.After having done this and its not solved you can send me a private message with full information so that i can help you with the issue,

i have a paint brush at home and as suggested by you have removed all dust yet it does not work. please let me know all other information you require as well at what address should i send the private message.


so shahnaz ,

After cleaning its still not working,if you have a usb keyboard hook it to laptop usb port and revert back to me.