Cd Drive is not appearing.

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My Cd drive was working perfectly but all of a sudden its not working. In my computer only c : is appearing. there is no cd drive. Can sombody please help.


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Hi there,

Does the drive open/close?please check and revert back with conformation.

Hi, i have this same problem with my CD Drive. at first it wouldnt open or show in my computer folder. i reset computer, now i can put a CD in, it sounds like it's thinking but never opens, and I can still only find C Drive. I had several. No idea where they've gone or why

please advise how to make c drive useable again

go into device manager and scan for hardware changes

there was a problem with a toshiba laptop that did the same thing....there were filters that needed removed....can't remember where or how to do it though

i can however, remember that the filters that needed removed were the top and middle filters

my mistake, i was thinking of the fact that my problem was that it wouldn't burn cd's.....perhaps this one will help you guys, it's slightly different than what i was telling you, but seems to be closer to what your looking for.... ( )