Volume Display Change Overnight

 theodore -
Im running windows 7 on my Asus laptop and ive had this computer for over a year. Last night when I went to adjust the volume to my liking, instead of the usual circle speaker symbol that shows up in the middle of the screen blocking whatever im doing, it randomly switched to a simple square box on the top left of the screen and it was so much more convenient. But when I came back on this morning, it was back to the obnoxious pie graph looking volume display. How do I get it to what it was last night?


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Dear Sir,

It might have been automatically updated and in order to return it to its original set up, please have your system restored to a date where it was in the previous set up.

Thanks in advance.
mine did it to but i like the pie graph
Mine did the same thing! except i like the pie graph, and mine didnt change back! im not sure how i can get it back either. i really dont like the box in the left corner.
Damn yeah. That happened to me last night and this morning i have the same volume icon, the typical ones.