Unvisible kingstone 64GB when detecting e:\

 Brijesh Kumar -

I was used Kinstone 64GB successfuly until installing cell telephone for copy MMS
After this my pen drive have no access do memory mass. USB Volume E:\ after
connecting pen-drive have memory 0/0 and computer is asking fo insert disk.
I have precious data of 80% capacity of 64GB. It is possible to recover of my data
or fixing the problem?

Kazimierz H kozlowski


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Hi, there

Seems like this kind of problem often occurs in memery card. But it's possible to recover the data in the mass memory I think. You may get more valuable help from this similar post:


Thank you

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Dear Sir,

Please consider getting to the Device Manager and updating its driver in order to get the problem solved.

Thanks in advance.

dear sir usb port is you using 2.0 and 100v power.its smothly use only 16GB drive .and you using 64GB . i thinks its not get full power by this usb port.
if you want to use this drive you use any usb HUB with Exter power.
i hope you do this.

regards/ Brijesh kumar