I can't open my Kingston datatraveler USB

 Nani -
Please help. I can't open my USB in any computer. Once, a message like "your USB is corrupted," or something like that appeared on the screen. My USB only appears as a removable disk (Drive F) in the computer. When I try to open it, only a white blank screen appears. Using cntrl Alt delete to stop it always shows the computer as "not responding. "

i have many important files I need to recover from the USB. What shall I do?


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I suggest you not to format it before you get back the data. Though formatted data can be got back with recovery tools. But that's not secure. You should see if the data can be recovered without formatting. You may see more from this thread,


Thank you

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Hi there,

You need to format if its corrupted and use recovery tool to have your data back.