My computer won't detect my iTouch.

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I have an iTouch with 3.0 software. I recently upgraded to iTunes 9.2.1 and iOS4(for my iTouch). Since then, my iTouch wouldn't appear on the left side of iTunes(you know, where it always used to be once you connect it). I checked My Computer and my iTouch was there, but as a Digital Camera. So I tried deleting the snapshots on my iTouch and there, it was gone. But it still won't appear on iTunes. So, I tried some solutions I found on the internet. I tried the "Update Driver" thing but it says that it's up to date. What else can I do? Thank you very much to everyone who would try to help! :)

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Dear Sir,

Please consider installing its driver in order to have it connected or check whether it needs to be updated.

Thank you.