Problem for attaching file by mobile

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i have nokia e 63 mobile. I use net on it. but I can"t attach file when using rediffmail, gmail . it don't shows attaching option

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Dear Prashant,

Please indicate whether there is any feature for file attachment on it and also why you are unable to have any file attached.

Thank you.
Thank you

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Hi Doogle, really cool !
i m using sony xperia.... I dnt knw where to find mobile view.... help
there is a similar problem for me using a Samsung WAVE 2
I cant see a basic html option..pls helppp
On my android phone I can send photos via email by going to the gallery, selecting the photo, clicking on share -> gmail. Sometimes it takes ages for the email to arrive, though.
I am unable to art attach files with email on Sony xperia c.pls suggest which app I should download for the same.