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I have went through the threads on here and it seems many are having the problem i am having. My desktop was having problems so i reinstalled windows xp from the install disc. Everything went smoothly. After installation, i went to download the drivers for my computer online and installed them. I installed them all then rebooted. After the "Welcome" screen, it just stayed blue with a cursor that i can move around. I can acces task manager but thats about it. I have reinstalled windows several times after, thinking something must have gone wrong during installation but the same thing happened each time. I then deleted the partition windows was on and created a new one. Still the same thing. When i start windows in safe mode, everything works fine. it only happens when it boots up normally. Does anyone how to fix this??

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Hi there,

You need to let it load the recently installed drivers on system,its a matter of few minutes,add more ram to it so as it processes faster,