Innovative Technology USB Turntable

new techie - Dec 11, 2008 at 09:23 AM
 Jordan - Jan 13, 2013 at 05:58 PM
I have a lot of vinyl that I would like to transfer to CD. Anyone have experience with this Innovative Technology USB Turntable?

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I bought the Innovative Technology at JC Penny as well and it ate my record as well. Difinite inferior quality.
Do not buy.
Jason Corruption
Jan 22, 2010 at 05:09 PM
This turntable is absolute crap! A complete "Lemon" The software is very difficult to use and the overall process is crap. Worst of all when you try and call INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY'S TECH SUPPORT you get no answer just messages greetings. Left 7 voicemails, paged them 7 times through their automated system and even got a automated instant message voice repsonse stating that I would have a return phone call within 10 minutes which did not happen.

My sister just bought an Innovative Technology USB Turntable at JC Penny and brought it to me to use to make some CDs of her 45s with my PC. The tonearm, which uses a ceramic cartridge instead of a magnetic one, is so heavy, that it ruined two 45s that I tried to play on it. Or maybe it was just the cheap needle that came with it. Either way, the 45's now have noise etched into them and have to be trashed. Stay away from this one.
Aug 2, 2010 at 02:09 PM
I totally agree. Stay away from this one. Not only does it "eat" your vinyl but the sound is absolutely AWFUL on my less than a year old stereo.
Did you buy it recently? I was considering buying this model for my boyfriend but cannot seem to find what the brand name is... J C Penney has one for 89.99 that I thought might be a good deal but if it is the same model and eats vinyl... not a good idea. Help?

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wow I just bought oen but after reading this there is NO way i'm putting my $50 rare electronica through this thing. what was I on last night buying this peice of SH!t. I got it at walmart so uh ya wtf is wrong with companies putting out gear taht eats your damn originals. I guess when they say convert they REALLY MEAN CONVERT as in turn vinyl into digital and HAVE NO VINYL. What did they think they were making a butterfly and out of the slop metamorphosises a beautiful MP3 quality rip. UGH WTF man!! i'll try ripping some of my old junk vinyl but as of now I can't even get it to recognize as a sound card on win vista 64 there is literally no instructions. just the open source manual of Audacity. PS IT stands for Innovative Technology.
I would contact the Bureau of Consumer's Affairs and report Innovative Technology. Not answering phone calls, selling an inferior product across state lines and full-well knowing Wal-Mart would not accept returns easily because of the registration process (which we are all encouraged to do by habit once we buy a product for protection) and it ends up Wal-Mart and Innovative Technology does the opposite finger-pointing to get out of treating you the consumer fairly. So, I think you all should contact that government office. That is why we pay taxes for that government department--to protect us from vendors like this.
I have never tried to copy my vinyl on this turntable but I have had it a year and listen to it weekly and have never had a problem with it. It's a retro turntable suitcase version so the sound is what you would expect from a suitcase turntable either way. I only paid $50 for it so for the price it's what you get but I have not had it ruin any of my vinyl. Someday I will have an expensive player that will of course sound better but for the price that I can afford this is working in the mean time.
I've gone through 3 of these in the last five months. I had an extended warranty from the Source good for three replacements for three years, and this disposable heap of junk has eaten through all of them. First one was inexplicably coating my records with dust, obviously resulting in the records being extremely noisy and unplayable. Second and third ones the tone arm only extended to a point before stopping before the record was finished. This is easily the worst product I've ever bought.
I received one of these turntables as a gift and it quit working within six weeks. It seems like a USB issue. No response from IT and no return accepted at Walmart.
I received an IT for mother's day. When my daughter and I tried to load it into the computer it blew the sound off, had to re boot computer. Tried it on her computer the same thing happened. When I tried to return it to Walmart I was told seeing we bought warranty I had to call them 1st and register the product and they will let me know what to do. So called they said I was within time limits and should have been able to return it no matter what. What a complete hassel!!
Same story here. I received one of these for a gift. I couldn't get any good sound out of it, right out of the box. I wasn't sure if it was a bad needle or what. I tried calling and e-mailing but never got a response. I was going to try to get the company to replace it or at least send me a new needle, but after reading all these posts, I'm going to just trash it.