Monitor display off - No power for keyboard, [Closed]

 nabin -

What is the problem if monitor display off and keyboard, mouse not working.. it s automatically strucked within half an hour, which cause this problem. Can anyone help me,
rectify it..

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Hello devan ,

Please provide more information ,if possible last actions which were done on pc before this issue occurs,it will be easier to assist you on it.

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Power off to everything.
Turn the monitor on, now turn the computer on.
You get power and drive lights right?
Do you get any 'beeps'?
Does your monitor think that it is getting a signal?
You may need to slave your hard drive into another machine to retrieve you pictures.

It sounds like you may have mobo issues. How good are you with hardware work?
This could take some trouble shooting.
I had same problem but when i removed ram and fitted in another slot then it worked so you had better try this once. good luck

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