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I'm new so take it easy.

Here's the problem. I have two laptops, both Dell Latitude's, running Windows XP SP2 and SP3 respectfully. The laptops are having problems with browsing on a wireless network. They both connect to the network just fine and show the connection as "excellent" with maximum speed displayed, but when I try to browse, it's a no go. If I double click on the wireless connection icon to open the properties window, I see that packets are being send but 0 are being received.

When I do a IP Config the information that comes back shows that the DHCP addresses are correct along with the DNS addresses.

If I ping the gateway, the request times out.

The wireless access is wide open so it does not need any passwords, specific MAC addresses, etc..

The router has a static IP address assigned to it and then assigns local non routable address to the devices that connect to it.

I have installed and scanned the computers with Symantec Endpoint and found nothing.

I'm starting to wonder if this could be caused by malware, spyware, or some undetected Virus. The last step would be to wipe out the computers and rebuild them but being laptops, that will take a long time as I don't have the original disks.

Does this scenario seem familiar to anyone? Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

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Go into your Wireless Network Connection Properties, Hilight the internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Click Properties. Select "Optain and Ip address automatically".

This fixed my problem.
Jun 29, 2010 at 05:47 PM
dude your great that did solve the problem! woop woop u should put a video on youtube ill help a lot
Thanks that work...:D excellent
thank u. it also solve my problem
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You amazing human being. Thank you so much for sharing the simple yet incredibly helpful wisdom. Thank you mate!