The monitor didn't work

Alex - Sep 7, 2010 at 08:55 PM
 Alex - Sep 8, 2010 at 05:42 AM
Hello everyone

I have nVidia GeForce GT 240.I bought it about 3 days ago.Now my monitor didn't display anything!The keyboard didn't work,too.

Did anyone has a solution to that problem?

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Mattie Posts 26 Registration date Friday July 23, 2010 Status Member Last seen April 26, 2011 12
Sep 7, 2010 at 11:22 PM
Some tips that should do before you even attempt installing drivers.
First you should check the MB manufacture for BIOS updates and any chipset updates available and install them 1st.
Sense you have disabled your onboard video your going to have a tough time enabling it.So what you need to do 1st is get your onboard video working again.Take the PCI video out for starters and connect your monitor to the onboard video.Try any of the following methods to reset your BIOS so it will boot .Unplug the power supply remove the CMOS battery press the power switch also try unpluging the main power socket to the motherboard.Reconect everything carefully and boot .If you do get a monitor screen you want to boot into your bios.Dont let the Operating system boot up.If it setup screen gets past you then press ctrl-alt delete at same time it should reboot again then hit the appropriate keys to enter setup.
What you want to do is boot into bios and locate Advanced settings / Video Configuration and change the setting to Onboard Video .(On a side note this is where the BIOS update may play a roll.Some MB's may not have this feature from pre-release so an updated BIOS was created to enable it.These updates Also give better support for the Chipsets and video controlers.Thats why there so important.)If you dont see an option to change them then load setup defaults and reboot.
The next step is to try and repair where you disabled onboard video i can only suggest try using a recovery CD or the Operating System Installation CD and try to repair it that way .If not the only other solution that i no of is to re-install the Operating System .What OS are you using ? . Once you have your Onboard Video working again ill try and help you install the new Video Card
Thanks!I am using Vista! BTW Thanks alot
PS: and I know how to do the rest.