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My Dell computer is about 10-12 years old. Internet Explorer(now version SP2) will not allow me too type in any address with Google. So, I am blocked from going to I couldn't get to Mozilla because it uses Google.
I gave up trying to figure this out after some software tech support with I am not sure whom a couple of years ago.
Any suggestions for how I can have the ability to get to
Much appreciated.
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Thank you
My Internet Explorer 8 just started blocking If I go into deeper Google addresses it will work but just plain is blocked by my IE 8.

Thank you Mike 11

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I have had my googlepages websites moved to googlesites by google, I cannot access them, IE8 on work and home PC locks up, why? Work is using NOD32 home is AVG, is it in the security settings? Any ideas PLEASE
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Thank you
IE7 in Vista has a protected mode but I don't know about XP

Thank you for your answer but I have Internet Explorer 6.0.