How to set my name in place of google search [Solved/Closed]

 Elizabet -
sir plz help me fot set my name in place of google search and how to remove

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1. To set a different home page,

Just do this:

Click on tools for Internet Explorer, then select Internet Options,

In the General tab, Just put a new address there,

Then press OK

2. To change the google search to your name please proceed here:

Joyfax Server
Professional Fax Solution for Windows
Thank you

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can I write my name instead of google

There's a million sites to do it, but this one's the most authentic.
Check out it lets you customize google logo with your name!

Let me know if you have any question, also go to and click on Tell friends and send out

thankinggggggggggggggggg u I think it is nice for me
try it changes the name to whatever you want!
Thanks a lot buddy...
I cant make it!! I had do it but I clic on Set Home page but dosent work why...???


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