Problem with AT&T Modem and Linksys Router [Solved/Closed]

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I am having a problem with getting internet connection after connecting my Linksys WRT54g router to my AT&T DSL/Cable modem. I went through the entire setup process with no problem and then I received the message that the router was unable to connect to the internet. From reading some of the other issues, I'm wondering if my WEP security could be the problem. Please advise. Thanks

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i am also having the same problem with my att router dsl modem from motorola when using the linksys wireless, everything will go well but then it will say "the router was unable to connect to the internet." this is making me very angry.
if anyone knows how to fix this please tell us.
thank you
can you give me the exact network setup?

ex. ISP, brand of the modem, linksys device and version, how many computers, etc.


Received AT&T Motorola modem today to replace the one we had for 4 years that had stoppes working. However, after doing all the AT&T modem setup (a ridiculous process) I could tell that the modem worked but only could access the internet when not going through the Lyksys router. Spent the usual 20min on hold w/ tech support and 20min talking to them.... but of course they had no solution (except to imply I hooked something up wrong). Manu hours of frustration until discovering this form. The lynksis ip fix workedsuper smoothly. I was up and running in 5kin. to all the folks who made detailed posts, THANK YOU!! (AND to AT&T.... they can jump in a lake)
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I've been having the exact same problem. I purchased a Linksys router just last month, and finally got around to connecting it this weekend. I'm using an ATT DSL modem and my internet connection is fine, no problems. When my DSL modem is connected directly to my computer, my internet works flawlessly.

I went through the setup Wizard CD and go to the point where router was checking my internet connection(step 9 or 10 on the CD Wizard I believe), and after what appears to be three tries it says "router could not find an internet connection".

So I went online to educate myself about the problem, and I discovered that many recommend not using the setup CD. I found tutorials about how to configure it myself blah blah. So I did all that, followed a lengthy tutorial I found online.... powered down properly, powered back up, reconnected, logged onto the Linksys configuration page directly using the router's IP address. I entered all the information, PPPoE, ATT username and password, etc. Got right to the point of checking the status of the connection....and nothing. It will not connect.

It still won't connect.

No idea what to do next. Update firmware? Different router? Maybe a problem with Linksys being used with ATT modems? Any ideas?

hi, when I search for a new connection, I find a linksys, but I don't know if it is ours, what does a linksys router look like?
just found out you dont need a extra router. the modem has a built in router. in the network area you should see "2WIRE" thats your you'll just need to know the password and AT&T should be able to help obtain one
Alright.. So here I am.. Brand new desktop. I've got all of the drivers installed for my NETGEAR WG311v3 network card. I tried the linksys one that we had in the other desktop before we ran cat6 to it. The linksys card did not work. Recently I am getting 1 mbps. Now I am in the basement and the router and modem are on the top floor, however my laptop gets wireless just fine. I've tried adjusting the antenna on the back of the network card and have had no luck. I'm using a 128 bit encryption for all 5 computers that have access to the network. I have tried the good ole' unplug the modem for 10 seconds and let it reset itself.. pretty much the only thing ATT customer service people will help me with. I'm not wanting to have to change all of my network settings because then I have to redo the settings on all 5 computers. The modem is one of the westell ones.. It was white to start with but it has turned a yellowish color .. guessing from the heat it gives off. I was on the internet having no trouble at all.. even with the netgear network card. I've been pinging the router and I am getting an avg. of 11 ms response time. We have gone through 4 or 5 linksys routers.. all set up professionally.. I am so frustrated with the internet going on and off. It isnt only my desktop that's being affected. We have another desktop upstairs that has been disconnecting recently too.
Hope someone can help.. before this linksys router find's itself to the shooting range- as the target. Router model is WRT160N I changed the IP to and had no luck at all. I suppose that nobody is reading this thread anymore.. Was really hoping to get some answers to what might be going on. I might just have to go get a nice netgear router. Also I'd like to add that my laptop which normally gets good signal down here in the basement.. the internet on it is at a crawling speed. Honestly people this is worse than dial up! It's pretty sad when you get excited when your internet speed goes to 2 mbps!
will my linksys rout
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