Toshiba Satellite L300/L300D wont boot???Help

victor95 - Oct 26, 2010 at 04:46 AM
 George - May 31, 2013 at 09:45 AM

My toshiba satellite won't boot up. It won't boot up in any mode even safe mode. I get a very short sound of fans on start up and the green light displayed to show something is happening but that soon stos after a couple of seconds.

I tried using the 'last known configuration' option but that didn't work. I have tried the system restore option to reset to factory by holding '0' whilst turning on as I have done this before but even that doesn't work.

Yesterday it would automatically prompt me to run the startup repair, then a box pops up with the code: X:\Windows\system32\drvload.exe'' and the repair box starts to search but that just searched for problems for hours with no result. Today all I get after a blank grey/black screen is ''system recovery options:The installed program cannot start''.

Any ideas? I am not worried about losing any files I just want the laptop to work again.

I'm no computer genius so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


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Does anything come on the screen at all or is it black with just the power light on but no Hard Disk light lit. If that is the situation
1. remove the power lead
2. remove the battery
3. Hold down the on/off witch for 15 seconds
4. reinsert the battery and the power lead
5. turn on as normal.

You should now be working. Happened to me on Monday and that cured it, boots up as normal now

fantastic. thanks a million. worked great. thought I was having to gt new comp
Worked for me too. Must deplete all the onboard capacitors. Thanks for the tip.