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i have a "heinz 57" computer that needs to be restored back to original. what info do you need to be able to assist me in restoring it be the way it was? i can tell you it is xp.
thank you
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Hi, I have a great answer (I can't believe no one has suggested this!) You're computer has restoration points usually every day at a certain time. If you restore it using this method, it will be like the recent events never happened.

Go to the bottom left corner of your screen and click on START.


There you will have 3 options. Choose to "Restore My Computer To An Earlier Time" then click NEXT.

You will be presented with a calendar, showing previous restore points that are preset in your system. Just choose a day before you started having a problem then click NEXT.
***NOTE: This restores your computer only, anything you did on websites or in your email will remain the same.

Read the text, then click NEXT again.

Now your computer will begin the restoration process, and when it's finished, will automatically shut down. When you turn it back on you will be presented with the option of undoing the restoration. If you choose not to, then later change your mind, just follow the first two steps, then when you get to the 3 options, you simply choose to "Undo My Last Restoration".

Best of luck to you - I hope this helps people.

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omg thank you so much. It totally worked - exactly what I wanted!
Thank you!
Thank You my friend !!!! you are a lifesaver. I was about to go mad ,but your method saved my sanity!!!! Thank you again!!!!