Cannot change the colors of Windows [Solved/Closed]

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If I go to Personalization > Window Color and Appearance I cannot make changes because I disabled something couple months back.
I cannot change the colors of Windows, Start Menu, transparency, color mixer, color intensity but I can change the color schemes but that doesn't change anything either.

Can anybody please help me?
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Cluelessgeek's answer helped me within seconds. Thank you. I freaked out for a bit... :)

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I had the same problem too and I solved it!

Try this:


>Search "msconfig"

>Right click

>Click "Run As Administrator"

>Services Tab

> Scroll down and make sure a checkbox is ticked next to "Themes" and "Desktop Window Manager Session Manager".


>Search "services"

>Open Services result

>Scroll down and make sure "Themes" and "Desktop Window Manager Session Manager" are started, if not, right
> Start.

If they are disabled,

>Right click


>Startup Type set to "Automatic" then start them.

Do this for both.
that is what "ticked" means
i did almost the same thing and it helped ALOT, but I did a few steps differently. All of mine were already started, so in the services, I left clicked on the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager and Restarted it and it immediately changed my theme back to transparent, windows vista aero.
Restarting it worked for me.
thank you cluelessgeek, that worked for me =)
OMG, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!
Thank you
is your theme aero or vista basic
make sure its aero then you can do it
i have windows 7 and I cant seem to change the window colour. I can find vista basic but I cant find aero
> jenni -
I was having the same hang up so I searched and found this site, then figured it out how to fix it accidentally, so it thought I would share the solution :)
Pick the "Characters" theme in the personalization options, then close it. When you open it back up and click Windows Color you'll have a similar options menu to Vista, so you can pick the color and transparency of the theme. I like darker color themes so I was glad to find out how to fix this. (p.s. it may have something to do with me recently re-installing the drivers for my video card.... but probably not, so if you can re-install the drivers from your pc manufacturer or aftermarket video card M.F., then restart, then try this it should work.((as long as your video card isn't a pos, i.e. integrated ;) )) otherwise it
It is totally not working for me!
Cluelessgeek and Helped both helped me. Thank you (:
uhm id I type what you said like "msconfig" and "services" in SEARCH it finds me nothing. BUT if I go to RUN then the "msconfig" works. but the "services" still wont work... and for me, the problem is not solved :(
Thank you
If you see the Windows Aero theme to select, click that. If you don't see it:

1. Click on Windows Vista Basic and hit effects.
2. In the first drop-down list, click Standard.
3. Click OK.
4. Close it.
5. Open it again.
6. It should come up with a theme called Windows Aero. Click on it and hit OK.
7. Enjoy!

THANKS =D U Solved my problem, Genius ^^
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Wow thanks this helped me :=)
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yeah thank! really helped!
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How to change background color on my monitor screen
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u cant change the colour on the basic theme