Acer Aspire 4520 laptop screen goes white

 Mike -

I got laptop named Acer Aspire 4520 that I purchased 11 months ago. The screen of the laptop sometimes goes whole white. For example, when I'm playing a movie or song, in between that, the screen goes whole white. I left with no option except restarting it. I have a problem with hibernate as well. When I hibernate the laptop and when I boot up after hibernate, screen remains white. Can anybody help?

System Configuration: Windows Vista Firefox 3.0.5 Processer - AMD Athlon 1.7 Ghz 512 kb L2 cache Display - NVIDIA Ge-Force 7000M - 256 MB 2 gb Ram 120 gb hdd

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Hello everyone, I was having the same problem with my system. I have my own temporary solution. It might be useful for you guys also. Follow these steps:
  • Set your laptop power options to Do Nothing when you close the lid. Apply this to both when using battery or when plugged in.
  • So whenever your monitor flicked out the white screen, just close the lid and open again.

Might be useful. If you have to, do it several time because I already did, and it works.

It's tiring to shut down or sleep when I am working or playing games.
Thank you

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Ok so i am having the same issue my self with the added fact that sometimes when I power up the laptop the screen is full brightness on a different lines on the whole screen mostly pink.

It is either a cable problem (bad cable or it came out a bit) or may be the display itself). In my case I know it is more probable to be a display issue or a connection of the cable at the display assembly. I know this because i to have to close the lid a few times or what i found out later if i slightly press a finger on the middle of the lower frame of the display and one right behind that spot it usually fixes the problem.

My suggestion take it in to service, it shouldn't have such a problem even if it is a bit ruffed up. Mine is 6 years old and has seen its share of use. Mostly as my main driver.
The cloth trick works thanks man
wots the cloth trick
If white screen sometimes goes away by closing and opening the screen, then the problem is cable connecting the computer to LCD monitor. In my Travelmate 7520 I had white screen problems, but by making sure that monitor cable is connected properly it now works perfectly. The cable was poorly connected and it moved little bit. So when it moved too much, screen went white. And when you close the lid few times it moves back just enough to start working again. It's only temporary solution, because everytime connection gets looser and looser...
Here's how to check the cable & fix white screen:

You can start by checking if monitor cable is disconnected or badly connected. In order to do this, first you have to remove plastic panel between monitor and keyboard. It's same panel which usually cover hinges and has powerbutton on it (depends on model). Carefully remove it, from right to left, start from upside of the panel. (Atleast with Travelmate 7520) Once you have removed it you should see some wires that go trough hinges to the monitor. Monitor cable is the biggest one of them, and has wide connector with many pins, usually on left side of laptop. Now you can start the laptop (if it's not on already). When computer has started, just disconnect the monitor cable, clean it, connect it again and make sure it's connected nice and tight, hopefully it starts working. If that didn't help, try to wiggle the connector and cable little bit and watch if anything happens on monitor. If not, problem might still be with the monitor cable, but at other end of the cable... That is little bit harder to test, but worth checking it before buying new LCD screen or computer. If both ends of cable are connected properly and it still wont work, problem might be with the cable itself. It's not expensive so I would buy new one and try with that before buying new LCD screen.
I hope this helps somebody, good luck.
OK so I have been having the same problem but not with an Aspire, but with another Acer product. Now I tried this method and it stopped the screen from turning white for a few weeks... until today. I redid this about 10 minutes ago and I am waiting to see if I get it again. Now this is what I did:

1) Turn computer off and push screen all the way back.
2) Remove cover where the power button is completely.
3) On the left hand side there is a black pouch like thing.
4)Tap this black pouch like thing a few times.
5) Re-attach cover.
6) Put screen up and turn computer on.
7) Hope you don't see the white screen of death again.
The best option is to go to your power settings and make the options that when you close the id for it to 'do nothing'. Does this on your battery and A/C settings then when your screen goes white all you have to do is close it and open it back. This seems to work but it will eventually get worse and your screen may have to be replaced
wooow I solved my laptop's problem.
i have HP pavilion dv5 whenever I start up my laptop I get the white screen and also it appears in between.
what I did I turned it off then I removed battery after that I turn it on with power only then again shutdown then I put back the battery. now everything works fine ..

thank you all :)
Just unplug the video cable and give it a 360 degree twist and put it back. Worked for me.
i just twisted video cable and checked tightness of video cable......and it worked for me too.
check your fan and make sure laptop not over heating