My computer wont go past the acer screen

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I turned my computer on one day after a few months of non usage and it came on to the logg in screen perfectly. Then I realised I hadnt plugged the keyboard or the mouse in, so I turned it off an plugged them in. It turned on and went to the acer screen and says press f12 to the setup page. So I waited for it to go on but it stayed there for hours. So I thought then ill press f12 but the keyboard wasnt working. There isn't anything wrong with the keyboard its just sometimes my computer dosent like it. I tried using many diffrent ways but nothing seems to work. I took everything out and just left the main and the screen in and it worked perfectly its only if the keyboard and mouse are in it it dosent like it.

I think it got annoyed with me because I didnt pay it attention! lol

please can you help?

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make sure if you have a memory card or a usb drive plugged in that you remove it before it boots, also if you have external hd remove that, just in case
can't guarantee this is it, but its happened to me
Thank you

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Thanks! My computer was frozen for hours...unplugged it, took out the battery and all USB devices and it powered right up!!!
I removed my externald hd and boom , it worked thanks a lot you soulved the problem for me at least. Thumbs up for oxXxjennxXxo!
I love u man .. it worked
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this is very nice sharing
To yu Thanks so much it worked
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Hi, it is a clear problem from one of your input devices. Try plugging one at a time and see with which one it gets stuck when you power on. When you find which one is faulty, replace it. That's it.