Can connect to vpn but can not connect remote

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I have a vista business. It worked fine with internet, vpn, local network and remote desktop. On 24-th December something has happened on my laptop. If I am in the office, in the private network I can not connect to the internet, I can ping all server but I can not connect remote desktop connection, to the intranet webservices, exchange server with outlook. If I am at home, I can connect to vpn, and I can connect to the internet but I can not connect desktop connection, to the intranet webservices, exchange server with outlook. All windows firewall I have turned off, I have all rihts, no changes have happened in the office environment. Two days before I have uninstalled the Norton Internet Security and installed the Symantec antivirus. In the offices I have to use a firewall to connect to the internet, at home I do not. Has had somebody similar problem? Any idee to solve the problen?
The Administrators say I have only one solution: clear the winchester and install all software again.

Help me please with any advice

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I had the same problem-- can connect through VPN, but cannot connect to remote server. I added the ip and server name to /windows/system32/tect/host file, and it works well now. I think the remote connection checks this files (host) before DNS conversion.
Hope you can solve the problem as well.
I have the exact problem...Did u get any solution?

I had a trial of Norton Internet Securitty for 3 months, I have changed it to a symantec antivirus. That caused the problem. I have removed these tools, the network works fine now. This is not the real solution. I have not installed an antivirus sytem on my machine yet.

Send me a message if you find a good solution for the pproblem.