Can connect to vpn but can not connect remote

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 John - Feb 4, 2019 at 03:24 AM

I have a vista business. It worked fine with internet, vpn, local network and remote desktop. On 24-th December something has happened on my laptop. If I am in the office, in the private network I can not connect to the internet, I can ping all server but I can not connect remote desktop connection, to the intranet webservices, exchange server with outlook. If I am at home, I can connect to vpn, and I can connect to the internet but I can not connect desktop connection, to the intranet webservices, exchange server with outlook. All windows firewall I have turned off, I have all rihts, no changes have happened in the office environment. Two days before I have uninstalled the Norton Internet Security and installed the Symantec antivirus. In the offices I have to use a firewall to connect to the internet, at home I do not. Has had somebody similar problem? Any idee to solve the problen?
The Administrators say I have only one solution: clear the winchester and install all software again.

Help me please with any advice

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I had the same problem-- can connect through VPN, but cannot connect to remote server. I added the ip and server name to /windows/system32/tect/host file, and it works well now. I think the remote connection checks this files (host) before DNS conversion.
Hope you can solve the problem as well.
I have the exact problem...Did u get any solution?

I had a trial of Norton Internet Securitty for 3 months, I have changed it to a symantec antivirus. That caused the problem. I have removed these tools, the network works fine now. This is not the real solution. I have not installed an antivirus sytem on my machine yet.

Send me a message if you find a good solution for the pproblem.

I had the same thing happen to me last night 4/12/2011 and discovered that my firewall on my virus protection was blocking my connection. All I did was go to my firewall and allow connection and it corrected the problem for me.
I had the same problem.

My situation is my VPN server is windows 7, and my VPN client is XP.

after followed John's answer. He suggested to add the server entry into the host file in windows\system32\driver\etc, and it works great!

thank you.