Desk top won't load icon's on start up

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Monday February 1, 2010
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September 1, 2021

Desktop won't load icons on startup for Windows XP-Home Ed. There is no bottom toolbar icon either. I am seeing that desktop wallpaper only.

It has HDD 160 GB, memory RAM 2 GB, Hewlett Packard tower. This is my wife's computer. She said that she hit something on START UP but doesn't know what. With my knowledge, it's like the blind leading the blind. I am almost dumber than dirt when it is about computers.

Please help!
System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0

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  • Would suggest you try Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • Go to Processors
  • Then New and type:

Thank you

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> ^BaByGuN_
umm how do u format hard disk???/
have u tried
and in appkcations tab,New task.... and typing desktop
i did the Ctrl +Alt+ Del and it showed up but now I try to drag and drop and it says "cannot move (folder): The destination folder is the same as the source folder" but I am trying to drag and drop it onto my desktop! Please help me!
Everybody listen! If your desktop icons don't load, do this.
1. hit ctrl, alt, delete
2.Find the process -rundll32.exe- and end it.
Your icons and stuff should load.
Hi I have same problem I dont have start up & icons in my desktop.i tried hit the F8 & other ways That I had read from other users that had same problem I have right now.
The only working in my p/c right now are ALT+CTRL+DEL I also tried find the -rundlle32.exe but it wasn't here. Is there anything file I need to end it in my processer under task manager?
I have window anyone will help me thank u already, ill will do try what ever u think can help my p/c..
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Monday February 1, 2010
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September 1, 2021

Please ladies and gentlemen, here is a proven solution to regain the icons without going to the repair shop:

Please follow these steps:

reboot your computer in the Safe mode with command prompt.

Once Windows loaded, command prompt (black window) opens. Type notepad and press Enter.

A notepad window opens. Type the following text into notepad:



HKCU, Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System,DisableRegistryTools,0x00000020,0
HKLM, Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon,Shell,0x00000020,"Explorer.exe"

Save this as fix.inf to your Desktop (remember to select Save as file type: All files in Notepad). Close Notepad.

In the command prompt type Explorer.exe and Press Enter. Windows Explorer opens. Locate the fix.inf, click right button and select Install. Close Windows Explorer.

In the command prompt type shutdown -r and press Enter. Your computer will be rebooted.

Your sincerely
This didn't work for me I am sorry to say.
Hi there,

I have got a concrete solution to your problem, i'll keep the solution short but effective.

The reason you can't see your desktop items is because your computer is infected by virus, so how we do solve this.

1. Once you get to the stack point from your keyboard press Alt+Ctrl+Delete
2. Click on File Menu and click on NEW TASK RUN and type explorer.exe and hit enter ( this task will able you to log into your computer to remove the viruses.)
3. Install orginal yet updated anti-virus, scan for your viruses and your anti virus should be able to find lots of them.
4. Restart the computer and log in normally as you do so.

You don't have to replace the explorer.exe files as it was explained by other guys. Let me know you couldn't fix this.
but it says "task manager disabled"
or something D:

hi there,
i have the same problem but with a window vista. I was woundering if you could please help me.
I tied typing in explorer.exe but stil the same blue wallpaper comes up.
well I can tell you one thing. I am a computer software engineer for dell and hp. just go to google and download sp3. everything should work after

hello sir!
i had exactly same problem , at that time I thought my xp window disk didnt have some files but I was absolutely wrong. I thought that an antivirus is just to delete the window system files so I always avoid to keep it.
first of all I install xp(sp-2) without any derivers then antivirus and update it : find lots of viruses in my pc witch blocks window explorer files..... so now in these days my pc running smooyhly.... hope u understand.... if this is wrong then email me..... thanks
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To Run explorer
1) Press Ctrl + Alt + Del , task manager will appear
2) Click Applications' tab on the top , then click the " New Task " beside the " Switch To " on the bottom
3) type " explorer.exe " and click OK

Explorer.exe will appear

Thanks in advance.
I did exactly u wrote down in here but it didn't work. it always say after I hit OK
Windows cannot find 'explorer.exe' make sure you typed the correctly name, & then try again
To search for a file, click the start button & then clisck search....But I don't have a start up in my desktop & all my icons are gone also. I have window xp
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Monday February 1, 2010
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September 1, 2021
Hello Shaw,

The instructions in this link will guide you to restore your icons and taskbar.
Since I couldn't get connected to Team Viewer again I tryed to get my desktop icons back myself and I won. I right clicked on desktop and go to arrange icons at the botton click on show icons, and it worked for me. Hope this will help someone else.
get this,, I tried restore 3 times, and still nothing, wouldn't load past just the image.. but as soon as I ctrl alt delete & have task manager shut down windows, EVERYTHING loads & then shuts down windows lol.

Went to work, 5 hrs late I get home, and its bloody well working..
NOTHING was donw while I was gone... and it works.. not a single issue..
its down right ridiculous
just press ctrl-alt-delete
click new task tab
type in desktop
press enter
desktop will appear