All my task bar and desktop icons missing [Solved/Closed]

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Can anyone help me out with this problem

all my windows desktop icons and task bar dissapears ..
the only thing I can run is pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del and running task manager....
cant help myself when running in safe mode also.
cant restore to earlier check point...

is this some kind of virus or........
need help ASAP
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approved by Jean-François Pillou on Nov 30, 2018
Thank you
I spent 5 days to solve this problem

Ctr + Alt + Delete // File - New Task (run...) //
// OK
This will show your desktop icons but not solve the problem
To solve it just do this steps
  • 1- copy explorer.exe from other clean computer (from C:\WINDOWS)
  • 2- in your computer go to C:\WINDOWS
  • 3- show hidden files from (Tools - Folder Options - View - Show hidden files and folders)
  • 4- delete explorer.exe and any other files start with explorer...
  • 5- put the new file (explorer.exe)
  • 6- log off or restart
  • 7- log on

Congratulation your desktop healthy now

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I forgot to say thanks. I was freaking out.
thank you very much!! :)
hello im using windows 10 64 bit...i am experiencing a similar problem. the start button is not working all the desktop icons are lost and the desktop itself is in active i have tried even to right click on it but it doesnt respond and whenever i open any folder window the window can only be on maximum or minimized on the task bar meaning i can not manage more the a single window..
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if the posted instructions do not help, please start your own thread, as your issue is different, and this is solved.
Thank you
hi all I found a nice solution :
1- alt +ctrl + del
new task write : explorer.exe
if it not work ok .
goto to the processes tab and find explorer.exe and press end process
and then go back new task then explorer.exe .

that's all
it works with me
just want to help.
Briliant: worked for me!
Genius! This worked for me. Thanks sooo much for your post.

But what caused it?? I need to look further.
worked for me tooo
help!!!!! I lost everything and everything in my desktop. I cant even launch my task manager!
Thanks you so much 3<3333
Thank you
I'm using windows 7 64-bit after I restarted my computer all my desktop icons were missing but the task bar was there and everything worked fine.I went to C:/Users/.../desktop/
the files from my desktop were still there but I just couldn't see them.
This is how I fixed it.Hope it will help someone
Go to desktop then press right mouse button , from the menu choose View --> Show Desktop icons
I don't know what changed it because I'm the only one who uses this computer.It worked for me however it wasn't a virus it was some program that changed this I'm certain of it.
Thank you
In task manager select the performance tab, then click File and you will see the Run New task item.
Thank you
Under Task Manager use File Run Explore.exe

Then create a new profile when this is done. Sounds like you had a virus.

Good luck
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hey man I liked what you have suggested but it's serious problem regarding are you sure that after creating new profile problem will solve?
Because I noticed this problem on my company's vise president's laptop, that's why this is serious, I was going to format system.
i'm also sure that he is having virus in system. But creating profile will be far better than formatting.
Reply as soon as possible, I mean really it's a solution, or have you tried it, because if this will not solve the problem then he will shout that why didn't I formatted as it will take time for once only.
Thank you....
Thanks man This Works......

Many Many Thanks......
Thank you
go to the task manager ctrl+alt+dlt
click file run
then find the windows file and open the task folder
and everything will pop right back up.
Thank you
If none of the other solutions work, you can rebuild the desktop. This is the only solution that worked for me.