Missing PCI Flash Memory Driver

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I just finished a complete reinstallation of Windows Vista on my Acer Aspire 5100 and under Device Manager, it says I am missing the PCI Flash Memory Driver.

I tried to automatically update it and manually find one with no luck. Acer has to have better support for their products someday.

Please help me!
System Configuration: Windows Vista Internet Explorer 7.0

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The answer to this issue is the card reader driver. I found it by going to this link, then enter your Acer model name eg: Aspire > model # eg: 5610 > then make sure you enter the proper OS in the dropdown.

You will also find most other drivers there as well and till so far, it is free.

Good luck!
Thank you

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Acer does not offer the driver for Windows 7 for the Aspire 5100.
thank u , yes it was about card reader. problem solved
install the cardbus ene found in acer.com, find the specific laptop and install it, and it should be working now...

Usually the Tools and the Utilities CD should be delivered with your notebook.
On this CD you will find all necessary drivers for Windows Vista.
If you install the drivers so you have to do it in the right order.
Very important is the installation of the chipset utility. This must be done at first.
Additionally you need the cardbus driver for your PCMCIA CardBus controller.
Check it.

ftp://ftp.work.acer-euro.com/noteboo...e_5100/driver/ I wound suggest you try some drivers like the chipset one to start with


ftp://ftp.work.acer-euro.com/noteboo....0615.2006.zip realtek lan drivers
I solved the issue by installing card related driver. I was having a USB problem. I had thought that would have solved it. But it did not.

As soon as I plug my USB to Aspire 5100 screen keyboard mouse everything gets stuck/frozen.

But this driver did not solve it

Good luck to you

And to me :)
for pci flash driver is missing one very simple solution-download from the manufacturer's card reader driver, extract it, then install this driver contains a pci flash driver I did and it works even under VISTA 7
Open device manager and double click on the first pci flash memory and click on driver and then click on update driver and click on search online for it. I had the same problem and it found the drivers and installed automatically.
when I set it to seach online then it say that I have to go to acer.com and download the driver but the driver is not on the website :@ and I got a computer that is not or sale with windows 7 so they is no buttom with win 7 on??? what shall I do when I can't find the driver
Go to the above link then select; Notebook > Aspire > 5100 > XP, Vista.
Below these boxes are some drop down menus, on the last option "Latest" is selected, change this to "All"
From there it is the "ENE Card Bus Driver"
my PCI Flash Memory is out of date, I want to download.