What is the password for Volume Limit on iPod [Solved/Closed]

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On my ipod chatmoatic, I was trying to figure out what the problem was with my volume. So I came to this spot that says "Settings" then, "Volume Limits", all I need is the password to it... So I can figure this sproblem out.. Thank you Thank you.... for helping me....
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you
You could try to master reset your ipod on itunes

Thank you, Mr Flibble 65

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theats impossible yo
Thankyouu soo much!! this helped me out dramatically
not me
mine dont let me get on itunes
Thank you
how to unlock the volume settings
Thank you
yes my uncle gave my 13 yr[cause he bought a new one ] now she downloaded some songs on it ,it was playing pretty loud ,but for some reason it got very low, and I have been to several websites to try and find out ,and then finnally I got to this one ...oh please I hope you can help me to help my child ,[plus u no the 4 digit code [my uncle does not remember it ,,,any help would be appreciated .ty u diane
Hi sir,
My uncle gifted me apple ipod (160gb).I am very happy with that gift .the problem which I am facing is that I want increse the volume level of the sound .when I went into the setting then volume level when
i tryed to increase it . It is showing the message of incorrect code.can u help me to solve this problem.
Thank you
Thank you
My passcode was 3333... I guess you just have to keep pressing from 1 through 9 (ie. 1111, 2222, 3333, etc...)
Mine was 0000
My was 1111
Mine was 0000! Thank you!!!
Thanks dude, mine was 3333
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Thank you
the volume procedure can be found here:

Hi there,

I appriciate ur help about unlocking ipod......it really works thanx alott....

Hey I got another question actually I bought an old ipod nano 4GB but when I connected with my laptop...but doesnt appear anything on my laptop about ipod.... I mean I want to register it with my laptop....hope u get my problem n help me out......


Thank you
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Thank you
find the procedure here

Thank you
Hi there,
I Forgot My Password For the Volume Limit on the Classic I pod ,Please help me what can I do,I appriciate your help about unlocking ipod =)

THanxs alot.
Thank you
i forgot my password which is numer and it should be 4 digit
i can't open the code for calssic ibod need help to opent
have a problem with my iPod Classic that there is code to know and no way to try to open it
Thank you
i forgot my apple ipod password what I can do
just type in 36543
Thank you
reset your ipod through itunes and then go into settings and make your volume limit louder. the only problem is that you have to re-download any material you had onto your ipod (music, tv shows...)
Thank you
Mine was 2222 Thanks to the previous poster for saying they kept trying numbers until they got 5555
mine was 1111 thanks
thanks, mine was 3333
mine was 0000 (but I never recall setting this so Apple arbitrary....)
mine too. sometimes we try to complicate things, 0000 was probably the factory setting anyway all I did was press the centre OK and I was allowed to reset it, I would imagine the most popular customer set code would be 4444 as it is easy to remember, or most are at 0000, which is the factory setting
clearly if YOU have never set a code, there isn't one!!! I cannot imagine that apple would set a complicated code number for you, if yours says 0000 that is IT, just try pressing the OK when you see the 0000 ...... and reset it when given the option or leave it as it is once you get in by pressing the OK button, one should try the obvious long before one starts scratching one's head or changing any of the numbers, anyone setting the volume as it isn't a security feature are going to set the easiest code imaginable, such as 0000 1234 or 4444. its not rocket science
Thank you
My iTouch was 5555, I just pressed the buttons until I found one. After you find one, it will give you the option to unlock it and then enter in your own password.
And how irritating and random!!! I was able to reset it after I unlocked it.
how did u do that
oh my mine was 0000. tnk god
Didn't work, went all the way through 0000-9999. Tried 1234 as well