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I am using IE7 and Firefox3, until a week ago when I am having problems uploading files and pictures on my email and friendster. So, I go back to using IE6... now, I can attach email files but still unable to upload/attach pics. I also reinstall firefox 3 but worst, still cannot attach files and pics (yahoomail) and l cannot upload pics to friendster etc. I keep receiving " connection interrupted, connection error, connection reset, and connection not encrypted." I already tried to check my firewalls and also the stuff everybody is talking about changing run time changing it to 30 seconds (about:config), BUT to no avail. Also, my firefox speed is slowing. This really is frustrating me. I have been uninstalling and reinstalling programs already. Can anybody help me make my firefox work same as before? I am not a computer savvy... can you detail the process?


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Type About:config in the address bar.
search ipv6
make it false - true.
Thank you

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thank you!!
So, is that false or true?
this worked for me - thank you!!
I was having this issue, for me doing the following worked.

Edit > Preferences > Advanced, Click on the Encryption Tab and uncheck Use TLS 1.0. Ok it, and try the sites you were having issues with. Maybe even close and reopen the browser if this doesn't work right off.
Worked for me, thank you!!
Hey thanks. I have browsed a dozen sites where this problem is mentioned and no cure worked. I had on my own cleared cache and forms but not cookies. I still don't see why cookies should cause that behavior but it's a relief to have back the few sites that I had been locked out of by this consternating error.

if you are still having this problem, I feel for you, its a really crappy bug and the fix is going to wind you up even more.

The fix is what fixed it for me, this maybe not the same for you, if you are using vista, firefox and AGV



AGV safe search 8.5

hope this works

I have been having a problem with "Firefox Connection Interrupted" while using "" site. Eventually I concluded that this problem started after I downloaded a "dictionary" site. I tried a zillion ways to eliminate the problem & then solved it by
1. Open Mozilla Firefox site
2. click on "tools"
3. click on "Add- ons,
4. On the next screen click on "extensions".
Now on this screen I found the problem extension that was loaded during the dictionary download. I clicked on that extension & found that there was an icon to "uninstall" the problem "Add-on". There was even an icon that allowed me to restart Firefox. After the restart, everything is loading as it has been for years. At this point the only item shown on my "extensions" page is "Java Quick Starter".
Additional Info.
My problem started when I did a search for "Dictionary". When I clicked on the very first line under "Search Results", which was "Online Dictionary" I was directed to download "Alot Dictionary" which resulted in a new toolbar on my screen which I did not want. Items 1. thru 4. above outline how I got rid of this "problem site" with my Windows XP
this worked for me too except disabling AGV I had to disable McAffee Secure search
I kept seeing the "connection reset while page was loading" with Firefox v 3.xx
I was using AVG free. After disabling LINK SCANNER in AVG problem resolved.

enable SSL 3.0 in your network settings in firefox if it is disabled.
Thanks for the Link Scanner tip. I was having "connection interrupted" problems the hole day, searched everywhere and this one did the trick. Just disabled search-shield and browsers stoped "interrupting". Hope it won't happen again.
I had this problem. It happened in all my Firefox profiles, some of which didn't have any extensions. It didn't happen with Safari, ping worked OK, etc - nothing to do with the router or network.

In a clean (no extensions) Firefox profile, I disabled all the multimedia plugins - Flip4Mac, Quicktime, ShockwaveFlash and Silverlight. Re-tried Facebook, and it worked. Re-enabled the above plugins one by one to see which one it was - it still works now, with all four enabled. Cleared caches etc, still works.

So I figure somewhere, some content has caused one of the above plugins to save some state which prevents it working, and that some advert on facebook's main page uses said plugin to stream some content. Turning the plugins off and on again has presumably reset the plugins configuration state to default.

It's possible that whatever corrupted one of these (notoriously vulnerable) plugins might have been an attempted exploit, so I wouldn't advise ignoring the problem.

Recommended fix, given network is OK and problem is actually with Firefox:

1) Disable all multimedia plugins
2) re-enable or, preferably, update them with new ones, sourced independently
(by independently I mean not via their own update checkers - chances are,
any exploit is trying to replace the plugin with a zombie of some sort.)
disabled all addons worked for me^__^
I had the same problem and just did this, it fixed it (I think):

In firefox go to:

Tools > Options > Under the privacy tab >

I changed "remember history for 0 days to

remember history for 1 day...

Sounds stupid but I think it worked.
good day!!! try this...

for windows XP

DOS (Command Prompt)
go to c:windows/system32/drivers/etc
edit hosts

just type: edit hosts

look for the lower part when u see remove it...

hope it works...Email id removed for security
tnx a lot buddy for the advice it helps a lot...i followed your suggestion with this problem I have now it works does not interrupt anymore...
I cleared everything but I still receive the "The connection was reset" thing.
I too am having the same problem. I called C-cast, and they gave me a new IP. This was not the solution. I am constantly getting "Connection reset" error message, and F-Fox is slow. Any suggestions?
none of this worked for me :(